Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - The Evolution of Pranks

The Quip Prank Flow
by Rachel Hoyt
image by Stuart Miles via

A TPed house,
Or good ding and dash,
Once brought giggles
To innocent lips -

A released mouse,
Or eggcellent bash,
Induced wiggles
In fingertips.

Now pretty things -
Pink flamingos
Or yarn wrapped trees -
are the cool 'rips'.

Now prankster rings
Invent fierce foes,
For celebrities -
Give SWAT Teams tips.

What will come next?
Ghost pranks by text?
Cars with new specs?
Furniture flips?

I miss the past.
This too won't last.
Change happens fast.
Let's hope for quips.

© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

 Tom Cruise and Chris Brown both got swatted recently -
a new childish prank that wastes government money.

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  1. ha change does happen fast...and there is def things i miss in the past...its funny i was just talking to my students today about swatting

    1. I definitely would've liked to hear what the students thought about swatting! :)

  2. LOL! I hadn't heard about the "swatting". Fun verse!

  3. This was very clever! Fun to read!

  4. some very fun lines here. Really nicely done. Thanks

  5. Ah yes, the old days :-) Though egging can stay gone, that is a real mess. Tried to comment on your poem about spying and it reopened here...that was a great poem about really disturbing news. Thank you for keeping me current :-)


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