Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Kreativ Blogger Award

Last month, the Kreativ Blogger Award was bestowed on me by Wanda,
a photographer and fellow poetess who may or may not drive a Honda.
It's taken me a while, but I will now follow the award acceptance rules,
'cuz neglecting to say a proper thank you is the behavior of fools.
And so I shall divulge to you 10 random rhyming facts about me,
then bestow the award on some other fine blogs you should see.

(1)  I have three blogs but talk about it like I have only one.
Turtles and the home biz are ok, but rhyming is more fun.

(2)  I used to play poker online most nights and hardly went out.
Now there's hardly two days in a row when I'm not out and about.

(3)  I could make a small mountain stacking up all the yarn I own,
but I only find time to use it on the rare occasion I'm bored at home.

(4)  I also own 25 or more flavors of tea but don't drink one per day.
I try to drink healthy, but cravings for other drinks get in the way.

(5)  My favorite Christmas gift last year was a box full of vintage buttons.
I'm one of those "you can never have too many craft materials" gluttons.

(6)  My favorite unexpected, just because, gift I've ever gotten,
was a baggie full of foreign coins from the travels of Nina and Ben.

(7)  I still own a guitar though I don't really know how to play.
I took a class in college and may try to learn again someday.

(8)  I've lived in Santa Barbara 15 years now and hope to never leave.
I currently live in a "shack", but to dreams of a brighter future I cleave.

(9)  I adore romantic comedies and think Love Actually is the best.
When my hope for love was low it brought optimism to my quest.

(10)  30 Rock is my current "go to" when I need a good laugh.
I love the characters and the way Jack talks to his staff.

And... the blogs I'd like to award for their creativity
are three that have caught my eye more recently:

The lady known as Kez is a kind new poetry friend.
Through lovely words a serious message she does send. 

Matty Thoughts is a place to discuss, think and question.
Good comments his thoughts and topics do beckon.

For frivolous reading I've been enjoying Made Up Words.
I'm surprised people aren't already following him in herds.

Congrats to Kez, Matty and Doug, my Kreativ Blogger Award Winners.
I hope this will (at least) give you something fun to discuss at your family dinners.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.


  1. Hey, awesome. Made Up Words won an award. I may have to prepare an acceptance speech. :)

  2. Congrats Doug! Your words are funny and I really like making up words for my rhymes (when necessary). :)

  3. Thank you for recognizing me
    with your talent so plain to see

    this award is more than I deserve
    I'm much better at hitting a curve

    to reveal ten facts of life
    would cause me too much strife

    so with a bit of lament
    I respond with this comment

  4. Aww Shucks, you didn't have to do this, but thank you anyway!

    I actually drive a Subaru Impreza WRX, which at the moment is providing me with plenty to write post about for The Soliloqy Diaries.

  5. Wow what an honour ! From such a clever person too ...thank you so much I just have to try and thing of 10 things to say about me,yikes! thank you and all the best to doug and matty too x

  6. @Matty - I'm not too big on following the rules. You can receive the award however you choose. :)

    @Wanda - I'm glad you liked the response. Eventually I'll run out of random facts about me that I care to share, but I found a few more. :)

    @kez - You're welcome! I normally bend the rules at least a little when I accept blog awards (shorter response, not as many facts, etc.), so you should feel free to do so also. :)

  7. Congrats on the award.Definitely one you deserve.

  8. Congrats on your award! I enjoyed learning the fun facts about you!

  9. Congrats on the award! I liked reading your little random facts, a few made me giggle. Do you rhyme every post you make? Oh I went and looked and looks like you do that's sweet!
    Newly following you, swing by my blog sometime if you ever would like to.

  10. @Patricia - Thanks sweetie!

    @Lolamouse - I'm glad you liked my random facts. :)

    @E - Yes... I do rhyme every post. I see you figured that out. :) I'm glad you like the format!


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