Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Share of Moon Robot

Image by Exsodus via freedigitalphoto.net

There is a very special and unique construction project brewing,
the magnitude of which, gave me many thoughts for chewing.
Apparently the Japanese are leaping closer to fulfilling their plan
to pump solar energy from the moon to every man and woman.

The idea was actually first proposed in 1968.
I guess you could say I'm learning about it a bit late.
I'm jealous of the robot builders and those who will control them
and sad that one day we'll speak of how the moon looked "back when..."

On the plus side, we will have plenty of green energy,
but I worry a disco ball moon would blinding for me.
If it makes the sky sparkle like a raver's dance party,
I'll need eye protection that is much more hearty.

I hope they're also planning a visitor center and resort
where the rich can come to relax, explore and cavort.
Many have dreamed of going there for years and years.
If our need for power impedes that, there will be many tears.

If all this happens, I'll just have more things to be jealous of.
I doubt I'll ever have the money to fly to the moon with my love.
Perhaps I'll invest in the company and pretend I own a robot.
Living vicariously through him could be the best chance I've got.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.


  1. you may not get to the moon but you sure reach for the stars

  2. Nice as I have a ticket... to the local pub


  3. We've messed up the Earth enough. Can't we leave the moon alone?

  4. I agree with Lolamouse! Let's just leave the moon alone.

  5. A disco ball moon sounds pretty darn sweet. We could dress up some of the other planets as The Village People.

  6. @kez - Awwww, thanks! I do reach. :)

    @Alejandro - I've got one of those kind of tickets too. :)

    @Lolamouse & Mary - Yes, I'm a bit worried about this venture as well. What if we screw up the moon!?!

    @Bryan - Hahahahahaha! I'd like to see that. :)

  7. I like the disco ball :) I agree leave the moon alone....

  8. I had never heard of that idea!...so you might be late..but I heard about it even later lol What will they think of next? I love how you keep me updates with interesting tidbits through such witty prose!

  9. If we mess up the moon we're in big trouble!! aaargh...love your poem,,:)

  10. live vicariously through your robot...ha nice..a disco ball in the sky, oh my that might make for some interesting nights...leave my moon alone...

  11. When I was young with a child’s imagination
    I went to the moon and set up a station
    And planted wild roses and watched them grow
    Then I returned to earth and what do you know
    My mother and aunt, a fit they did throw
    For lying they said and telling tall tales
    And from then on I kept my trips to myself.

  12. @ayala - Thanks for visiting! It sounds like most agree with you that we should leave the moon alone. :)

    @Jessica - I'm glad I'm not the only one finding out "late". :)

    @Louise - It is a scary proposition...

    @Brian - Who wouldn't want to live vicariously through a robot?! :) hehe

    @Debra - What a cute little poem. It is funny we're told not to lie when we make up stories as kids, but encouraged to write them out as adults, eh? :)

  13. Oh what fun
    As your rhyming has made me come undone
    Your words bring such glee
    But think you can keep up with me?..lol
    It be fun to reach the heights of the moon
    Of course some would just think one would be a loon
    Hey maybe could do it in a cartoon
    As long as we don't run away with a spoon
    Ok enough from this cat
    Before I fall flat
    Or you hit me with a bat
    And I guess that is that

  14. @Pat - What fun I had indeed
    with your rhyming comment to read.
    I'll never hit you with a bat...
    what do you think of that? :)

  15. I think that makes me feel a little safe
    But if you cause my knees to knock they could chafe
    So as long as I don't get too crass
    With my little rhyming ummm ***
    I shouldn't get hit with a bat
    As I chat
    Pretending to be a cat
    But really a guy named Pat
    With the last name Hatt
    That can be an annoying gnat
    Or a dirty rat
    Who doesn't have a tat
    Is skinny not fat
    Wish he had a zat
    If you get that reference you know where it's at
    Just avoid the acid vat
    Don't sweep me under a mat
    So I guess that is what I think of that
    As I read, replied and sat..lol

  16. I'd go to the moon if I had the money. Guess I'll stay on the Earth like an old fuddy duddy.

  17. @Pat - I feel like SUCH a LUCKY girl. You came over for a second word twirl. :) I shall call you my beloved rhyming gnat... my newest rhyming friend Pat. I'm so very pleased to have met you and will be over soon to read your work too. :)

    @Doug - Hehe. You wrote a rhyme on your sick day. :)

  18. I don´t fancy looking at the moon and seeing crazy people staring back at me :(

  19. @Nelieta - Well, from the responses we are seeing here, I will be surprised if they are allowed to do it.

  20. @Madeleine - I am a big of a loon and I like to dream of the moon. :)


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