Monday, May 30, 2011

My Top 5 BBQ Wishes

Image by Simon Howden via

I know on Memorial Day I should be thinking of the Vets,
but instead I'm focused on some silly BBQ regrets.
You may have guessed I like to posses wacky things
because I relish in the smiles their appearance brings.
Here are five pieces of flare that I wish someone would buy me.
They would really liven up any Memorial Day party.

(5)  An inflatable entertainment center would be fun,
especially if it was a float-it-in-your-pool-type one.
I like the excitement of using electronics near water.
It's safety like that that makes a dad proud of his daughter.

might appear higher on the top five list for you,
but I think it would be hard to protect and maintain.
Plus, on the wacky scale, it's really rather plain.

(3)  The BBQ Sword is funny and fairly well known.
I heard of them and promptly wanted one of my own.
I think having one would make me a bit cooler,
plus when my sister comes over I can properly duel her.

(2)  The Cthulhu Roaster might be scary looking to some...
but I find those shocked and blank stares silly fun.
I don't even really like to eat hot dogs myself,
but I'd cook them fairly often if I had this on my shelf.

(1)  The item I most covet is a watermelon stroller
which would keep cool utilizing power that's solar.
I'd wheel my vodka snacks into parties in style
giving everyone something funny to talk about for a while.

Whatever you do today, I hope your Memorial Day is fun.
There's a million ways besides the above to make today a great one!

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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  1. love BBQ and watermelon images,
    amazing write.

    Happy Potluck!

  2. Watermelon stroller :) now there's a thought. Happy Memorial Day!

  3. i can always trust you to make me smile ...thanks hope you had a great day !

  4. I have to get one of each of these for my BBQ on Saturday - as it's my birthday I definitely want a a 24 carat gold one because it's pretty but I don't want to clean it and I'm not so sure what an ethulhu roaster is but as you've said it's something to do with hotdogs - I'm all over it :D

    On a final note is a watermelon stroller big enough to take me on trips because I have to keep that vodka company you know :D

  5. @Jingle - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    @ayala - What... you've never seen a watermellon stroller? Hehe.

    @kez - Thanks for visiting frequently and telling me about your smiles. :)

    @SJ - Make sure you ask for a cabana boy to watch after your gold BBQ for a birthday present. Someone has to clean it! :)

  6. I'll take 2 BBQ swords please. =D
    Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.

  7. Super fun poem. Hope you had a good day.

  8. I was baby sitting a four year old last night, so now all I have in my head is "Captain Feathersword" holding a barbeque sword riding atop a watermelon stroller greedily staring at the golden barbeque shouting "Avast me harties, prepare to be toasted"

  9. Nothing wrong with celebrating your life and a BBQ with family and friends is a wonderful tradition =) I haven't heard about any of these wacky inventions that's really awesome!

  10. Love the bar-b-q sword. Definitely need to get me one of those! A wonderfully whimsical poem :)

  11. @Wanda - You definitely need two so you can have a duel! :)

    @planetcyberluz - Thanks! Hope you had a great day too. :)

    @abthomas - Hahahahaha. Love that image! :)

    @mindlovesmisery - I'm glad you like my list of inventions. :)

    @PhotoDiction - Everyone wants a BBQ Sword! Me too! :)


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