Saturday, May 21, 2011

Smile for your health!

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Before I go to bed on an ordinary lazy Friday night,
I thought I'd rhyme y'all a Saturday morning delight.
I'm smiling now and already feel a bit stronger!
Children smile up to 400 times per day!
We should imitate their happy smiley way.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.
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  1. A smile a day keeps the doctor away....or was that an apple?

  2. Hi Rachel -

    I like this kind of poem. Wahhh lol I want to be a 400-smile per day kid again. Well your poem gives smiles 1-10. I have 390 to go. Nice job! :)

  3. a smile every mile that will keep your soul and you living life as a child. it is wild to smile like a child. keep smiling thank you and god bless

  4. If we smiled that much, we'd all be in Stepford! :)

    k..smiling is a good thing, and this made me smile.

  5. Smiling is always a great thing, even when I feel a bit cranky (kids running wild ;) ), if I smile, it tends to change my perspective, making things a bit brighter.

  6. @Matty - Well, the apple should make you smile, so go for both! :)

    @bjbohls - Oooh 10 smiles! That's good. I sense the potential for a new rating system. :)

    @Roy - Hope you keep smiling too the whole day through!

    @SJ - Is there really a too cute on the cute meter?

    @Madeline - Glad you like the plan! I know you too spread as many smiles as you can. :)

    @BornStoryteller - ok, so maybe not 400 smiles EVERY day, but... :)

    @Jessica M - Smiling when you can is a talent to be cherished. :)

  7. I love smiles and especially those of little kids... it is just so inspiring!

  8. Sounds simple...but it works. Glass is definitely half full! vb

  9. Totally fun - thanks for posting on our 50th!

  10. @Savira - I too find children's smiles inspiring. Also, the quantity they output is worth admiring. :)

    @vb - It may not be simple all the time, but I'm glad it works for you too. :)

    @Poets United - Happy 50th! It is quite an accomplishment. :)

  11. ok i will try to smiles more...


  12. It's true. Smiling, even when you're down, makes you feel happier.

  13. @Brian - We all have to try sometimes, eh? :)

    @Andy - Glad you agree. Smiling works for me! :)


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