Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poetry Statistics

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Really the only way I can sum up last month's study on poetry
is to share a few statistical facts that popped out at me.
You see, I'm curious how poetry is seen by the average Joe
and to figure it out, I let my quantitative self go.

Here's what I know:

Only twenty-four percent of the posts were smiley happy.
Does that mean people don't like when I write silly-sappy?

Nineteen percent wrote on a subject that made me feel sad.
Still, without them, my stats would skew, making me less glad.

Fifty-seven percent kept the mood neutral, calm, or serious.
I find the identity of these poets more than slightly mysterious.

We all write from experience and to let emotions flow.
We all write to let the deepest thoughts inside us go.

It's near a tie between non-rhymers and those who rhyme.
Though, with that fact, I expect someone right now would chime,

"Hey!  You only studied less than 2% of NaPoWriMo participants.
If you pretend like these are facts, I'll be a real pissy-pants."

Sorry folks, I was just waiting until the rhyme's end,
to admit a proper study requires a flock of data to tend.
Still, it's fun to wonder if this data is close to the truth
and hope someday to produce some that's a bit more sleuth.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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Thank you to all participants in the study.
I hope I've made you a follower, buddy.
I'll be passing on some awards I received soon.
Check back to find out for which blogs I swoon.


  1. I figure your results are a representative sample,
    and if that's the case, 2% should be more than ample.

    ("pissy-pants" nice.)

  2. @Bryan - I'm glad you liked the pissy pants line. My friend who says it often should laugh at the rhyme. :)

    @Tricia - Hehe. My nerdier yet still cute side came out here didn't it. :)

  3. hey, there new buddy
    cool results of study.

    you are so funny.
    Can I give you some money?? :)


  4. ooh I feel lonely here must be the beer.


  5. Greetings!

  6. My last comment was erased,
    but I gave you an award in its place.

  7. This is the first time I've heard of poetry stats

    people who write under various hats

    rhyming with reason or just to express

    but coming from you I expect nothing less

  8. I know there were several comments on here before blogger went down for maintenance that disappeared. To the phantom commenters, Alejandro and F.a.Ellis... THANKS!

    @Bryan - Thanks for the award! Super nice of you. :)

    @Matty - I think my head just grew two sizes. :o) Plus side... super big smile. Down side... none of my hats fit! :)

  9. Your poems, like you, are soo sweet, Rachel!
    And your rhymes...mmm...yummmyy!!
    If your poetry stats were a pie, I want all of it! :))

    (many many hugs)

  10. Hmmmm, poetry statistics pie... is that made with ice cream? :)


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