Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Techno Brains

Image by Salvatore Vuono via freedigitalphotos.net

I remember my mom's first Palm Pilot.
We all joked that she'd bought
a better brain; coherent thought.

Now our "brains" are bigger and faster.
The cell phone has become our master.
We rely on it to save us from disaster.

Talking while walking, you can't look before
crossing the street - is danger in store?
A phone app can alert you to that which you ignore.

You also don't need a detective
to determine if your spouse defected.
Find my phone app = location detected.

Never worry about drunk dialing again.
Let the Designated Dialer decide when
your hands are too shaky to call a "friend".

And when teens and technology start driving you nuts,
and you need a phone app's help (and have guts),
get the Annoy a Teen app!  It's fun - no ifs, ands, or buts!

Never again waste time thinking independently!
If there's no app yet, there'll be one eventually.
Techno brains will rule some day... inevitably!

© 2011 - All Rights Reserved - Rachel Hoyt
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  1. That was superb... I could understand it and could laugh as well!

  2. God, people are crazy
    For being so friggin lazy
    The cell phone will rule
    And all people will do is wipe away the occasional drool..haha

  3. You know that you could have just dictated this orally in your I phone and had it tweeted to all of us. Would have saved you time and space.

  4. So true. Enjoyed reading this.

  5. @Savira - Yay! That is the goal of my rhymes! :)

    @Pat - Hehe. I believe we'll see more droolers in the future. :)

    @Nene - LOL. I know. I'm totally inefficient! :)

    @JANU - Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. This is something I haven't ventured into yet Rachel LOL. I will take my time :)

  7. So true Rachel. Techno age is really taking over

  8. Cute and true. . .advancing technologies are making our individuals worlds go faster. . . and faster!

  9. Hello.
    It's getting to the stage where people won't even know how to speak!
    Fun post.
    Thanks for sharing.


  10. I think this is what we're heading for in the near future too. Scary a bit, but fun on the other hand. Great poem.

  11. @Mary - No need to rush into technology... but it will get you. LOL

    @pamanner - faster and faster and faster! :)

    @Andy - I know! I bet they have an app where you can type in what you want to say and let a computer speak for you. :)

    @TheChronicR - There are definitely fun parts to technology too! :)

  12. A fantastic poem about our bleak and dumb future :) I like your sense of humor, a remarkable post.

  13. @sulekkha - Thank you. I'm so glad to know when my humor is appreciated. :)

  14. Great post, since I am already lost with technology, Can't get twitter right,) I guess I will be left behind to meander through life slowly and quietly without the beeps and buzzes to hurry me along. Great poem.


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