Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why You Butter Ponder Politics

Norwegian Moo Gold

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If Julia Child had lived to one hundred, remaining sprightly,
I think she could've earned the first female President title by quietly
spreading fear throughout the world that the Norway Butter Crisis
isn't an isolated incident of government inhibited public bliss.

What if someone snuck a bigger butter tax or tariff in fine print
after secretly stockpiling mountains of moo gold for a stint?
What if others decided to restrict excessive butter exporting?
We'll need a leader who believes that's a betrayal worth thwarting.

In a nation where some sculpt art with butter, like it's clay,
and others fry battered whole sticks to nutritionists' dismay,
and still others have no idea that its in everything they eat,
keeping plentiful supplies of moo gold is no insignificant feat.

We've already got enough smuggling problems at our borders.
We don't need the worry of butter gangs and moo gold hoarders.
So, when you start pondering which Presidential candidate you'll back,
consider their stance on that condiment the Norwegians currently lack.

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This rhyme is in honor of those suffering in Norway from a lack of sufficient butter for day to day and from a vast rise in the price they must pay to clog their arteries the old-fashioned way.


  1. hahat that was a fun take on the political debate
    God only knows America's fate

    1. Butter supplies are a serious issue!! :P LOL

  2. Ha! To funny Rachel, Pat Hatt has the perfect comment!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Debbie. Pat isn't the only one who's comments I like to see. :)

  3. Clever, clever, clever! Just loved it, Rachel!

  4. What a chore to have no butter.
    Seems to me they should know better.
    Thank you for the rhyme that made me smile.
    Sorry I have not been here for a while

    1. Hi baldychaz! Nice to see you and read your rhyme too. :)

  5. Butter tastes better when you have it with something bitter,
    The bitter tastes better when you have it with Butter :)

    sorry for the lame rhyme.

    1. That wasn't a lame rhyme. It was really cute! Thanks for visiting. :)

  6. Glad I stopped by...Loved it! Thanks...I always enjoy reading your rhymes..your topics are diverse, that's for sure!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Your comments are always appreciated. :) I'm glad you like the diverse topics. :)

  7. loved this clever ....I'm a butter freak so this rang my bell ....moo !

    1. Moo moo!! The butter train is coming through! Mooooo mooooo... :)


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