Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Can't Survive on Chicken Nuggets Alone

This rhyme was inspired by a 17 year old girl in the U.K.
who has never eaten a fruit or vegetable to this day.
and has recently realized this diet comes with regrets.

Color Me Nutritious
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When Sally was little, she didn't eat eggs.
She said they contain invisible ungrown legs.

When Susie was little, she hated hot dogs,
bananas, Popsicles and nut-covered cheese logs.
She claimed that some food shapes can cause throat clogs.

When Steven was a younger, more innocent dude,
he swore that he'd never buy nor eat any green food.
He still refuses to buy salad (though dates think it's rude),
and chocolate covered grasshoppers. "They're green too, dude!"

Since Stewart was a tiny lad he's liked to keep things clean,
and feels it best not to eat foods that are brown, red, or green...
pretty much all shades of colors not clear, white, or cream,
because stains aren't as easy to remove as they seem.
Sometimes, if eating out, he'll indulge the full food color scheme.

When Sarah was little she told her dad to buy lots of stock,
because there was one opinion she planned to stick to like a rock,
"Chicken Nuggets are the only food I plan to eat.
Finding plentiful dipping sauces will be my life's feat.
I'll find the fine flavor combos that can't be beat!"
Then, one day, Sarah collapsed in the Arizona heat.

Little Sally's egg phobia earned her a bit of ridicule.
At age 13, she licked an egg for the "cool kids" at school.

Susie eventually realized that she was even less likely to choke
on hot dogs or cheese logs than on an artichoke.

Steven fell in love with a woman named Kelly,
who ate so much asparagus that her pee was smelly.

Stewart never allowed colored foods in his house
and all his life, his only roommate was a little white mouse.

But Sarah, she's the one who's food habits changed her life,
the one who's failure to love more than one food caused her strife.
Because she'd eaten only chicken nuggets for so long,
she spent the rest of her life making up for eating wrong.
She never tasted the bliss of pizza, bacon or donuts
for fear of becoming completely nutritionally nuts.

© 2012 - All Rights Reserved - Rachel Hoyt


  1. hahaha I eat chicken nuggets everyday, but also other food too

    1. I think there are A LOT of people like you. :)

  2. This reminds me of Shel Silverstein!! Excellent!

  3. They must put something in chicken nuggets, that cause you to become addicted!!! haha I stay away from them because they are oh so good! ;)

    1. I stopped eating the ones that aren't made with real chicken quite a while ago. :)

  4. Wonder why she went to hospital?
    I fear she may become a chicken lady!

    1. She collapsed in need of nutrition and had to go get some IVs. :(

  5. That's really good!

    And thanks for your fun contribution to last week's Limerick-Off!

  6. "When Steven was a younger, more innocent dude..."

    For some reason that really cracked me up ...even more than the asparagus line!

    That said, Chicken McNuggets ARE pretty awesome.

    1. LOL. I say things like that all the time! You're an easy laugh. Tee hee. :P

  7. how know my son would only eat chicken nuggets for a long time...with this nasty sauce which was a mixture of ranch and ketchup...the only way we got him to eat veggies was if he could dip it in it too...

    1. Ack!!! Not ketchup in the ranch!!! Ranch dip is sacred. :-P

  8. Sounds like my daughter! She eats chicken strips for lunch just about every day! She won't touch anything green either! I've given up-she's almost 16 so my influence is pretty limited now.

    1. Can you at least get her to eat a bowl of sugary cereal that's been fortified with vitamins? :-P

  9. A nutritionist's nightmare! :)

  10. Interesting and enjoyable! This sounds like it belongs in a children's book.

    1. Thank you! I hope it will be a childrens book some day. :)

  11. Hello.
    Stopping by from your blogoversary post.
    This is awesome! I agree with Laura should consider writing for children's books! Thanks for sharing.


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