Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crambo Winner Announcement

The first Crambo game on Rhyme Me a Smile took place last Friday.  I was very appreciative of the enthusiasm shown by multiple players, but especially by the winner: M. James of Slow Wit Poet.  He uses rhyme beautifully in the witty verse on his blog and cranked out these giggle worthy lines last week:

Follow the rules or you'll be in trouble
It's clear that pop doesn't come before bubble

The reason to your rhyme makes me wonder
but I wouldn't call it any kind of blunder

I know too, how it goes, once the lines pop
the rhymes begin to flow and it just don't stop

The irony here is that M. James broke the rules himself in previous entries.  (Read them here.)  I didn't plan on requiring strict adherence to them to win, but I learned while reading this week's entertaining responses and trying to chose, that one who can adhere to the historic rules and pack a wallop of wit will win my heart every time.  Congratulations M. James!

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  1. Thanks for all of the kind words! I can't wait until the next round!


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