Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crambo Winner Announcement

Last week's Crambo games brought four fantastic entries.  I had a really hard time choosing a winner, but have chosen Jeffrey Scott.  Jeff writes more than just poetry on his blog.  He shares humorous rants about life, photos, and even throws in an occasional music critique or short story.  He has been a very enthusiastic reader and poetic game participant for several months now on Rhyme Me a Smile.  I do hope you will visit his blog and leave a comment to help brighten his day the way he does mine. 

I chose Jeffrey's poem as the winner because I could see myself imagining such a story while staring at my cat, Sammy (Samantha).  I've been reading a lot of fairy tales lately and these lines took my mind to a world where a clowder mined ore like the seven dwarfs did when Snow White happened upon them:

Silently formed a kitty clowder,
till suddenly they became much louder.

Rache the cat - don't mess with her.
Lo! She calls the clan for armour.

Equipped with weapons - even more.
That's why they mine the precious ore.

In her mind, such a fanatic.
But just a cat - so no such antic.
Kibble inspired dreams are ick!

Thank you for playing Crambo everyone!  I hope you'll come back and tell your friends about the fun.

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