Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fun Day - Crambo aka Bouts Rimés

I think I'll stick with this new game a while.  I've got lots of regular photos and rhymes but few abstract photos ans riddles (and I haven't heard any complaints about the switch).  Bouts Rimés means "rhymed ends" in French and is a game or challenge where one person (me) makes a list of rhymed words and others (you) write the lines that end with those rhymes, in the same order in which they were given. It was known as Crambo in English and was quite popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  Will you help me bring back this hip historical habit?
I took this photo while wandering the streets of Valencia.  Feel free to use it with your poems.
Above are the words.
Get writing rhyme nerds!

I'll pick a winner early next week.
Be sure to come back and take a peek


  1. do Tell, Quaintrelle
    what makes your world Swell,
    stacks the Brick(s)building castles & kingdoms
    (save my money from Psychic Network)

    what's your Trick
    to un-
    load a Ton

    teach me your Jargon
    so i can


    1. I love it! I thought these rhymes might work nicely within the lines. :)

  2. There is a women, I must tell.
    Who thinks to be Quaintrelle.
    I doff my hat, for she is swell.

    La Tomatina, to her, is like a brick.
    And to keep so dapper, must be psychic.
    'Cause foppish fashion is her trick.

    Her Hacienda claims she's worth a ton.
    And eloquent as her fulgurous Jargon.
    Forget the bulls, with her I'd run.

    1. I just love the ending! A smart man seeks to run with the quaintrelle... she'll probably take him to see the bulls anyhow. :)

  3. I'm all about expression, as you can tell
    But my anatomy keeps me from being quaintrelle
    Nonetheless, my desire to inspire and compel continues to swell

    My heart, heavy as a stack of brick after brick
    My head full of thoughts far from anything psychic
    Keep it real, be original and don't steal, that's my only trick

    They say a penny for your thoughts, and I've got a ton
    Mixin' it up with the slang and jargon
    I just open the gate and watch the rhymes start to run

    1. Hehe. I wonder what the male version of a quaintrelle is? I love that you worked that angle into your poem. :)


Rhyming or not, I would like a lot to hear the thoughts my words brought...