Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scary Thug Loan Free

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When little, my dad taught me to budget.
As I got older, I learned how to fudge it.
Compromise led to mass credit card debt,
then high interest caused a cycle of regret.
I could almost feel the money lose its power
as the charges for interest began to tower.
To dig myself out, I had to think more like my dad.
His lessons are working now and that makes me glad.
So while I'm mostly seen as politically lib'ral,
I'm pretty conservative about all things fiscal...

which is why I was glad for the recent budget upset.
I hope Obama taught them a lesson they won't forget.
Politicians can't really expect us not to emulate
the spending habits that they've projected to us of late.
If they can't make tough choices then why should we?
They certainly don't think our spending should flow free.
Sure, I'd argue with you over which items should be cut
but at some point we must dig ourselves out of that rut.
Saying yes to bits of everything doesn't help anyone.
Buying more than you can afford, in the end, isn't fun.

Even with all the budgets that were slashed
these issues won't become a thing of the past.
America is fast approaching the federal debt limit.
Something drastic must be done in order to thin it.
If we want a government menu better than pork and beans,
we must start by learning how to live within our means.
Too bad there's no free budget planner for companies
that could make analyzing our spending habits a breeze.
We must build more than blood and sweat equity
to ensure that we remain scary thug loan free.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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  1. i agree...they tried to get people to spend with the stimulus package yet look at the debt we have accumulated...and now we are at a tentative point in history...

  2. Do I red into this that as a father of two girls there is a chance that one day my wallet may retain some money, and no longer will i her the words, "Daddy darling would you please ...."

  3. I myself am a Suzie Orman fan,
    she lays it straight, sets out a plan.

    Tells us to cut up that plastic
    lean, mean and radically drastic.

    But.. what she advises rocks to the max.
    Now how 'bout that plan for "fair tax."

    (Sorry, not the perfect meter of yours,
    but I did try.) :)

  4. @Brian - Totally. Perhaps the rich can afford to spend the way the government wants us to, but they are still keeping a tight hold on the bulk of their cash. They're no dummies. :)

    @Larry - I've got my fingers crossed for ya. Sometimes we listen and sometimes we don't. :) Sometimes we listen but choose "not" to hear. :)

    @Jannie - Perfect meter!? That's definitely not me! :) Love your little rhyming comment. I do like Suzie Orman though I haven't read or listened to her in quite some time. I'll have to check out the "fair tax". :)

  5. Spending on credit can be mighty tempting,
    but paying the bills can be bank account emptying.

  6. Interesting ! lots of info in a single poem ..like it

  7. @Bryan - Yep. Those dang bills can really empty a bank account. Blah.

    @Uma - Glad you liked it! :)

  8. Here...Here!!! I'm not American but I think the Governments have to tighten budgets too! Maybe stop bailing out banks and million dollar companies that should be able to fund themselves...anyway I think we have to learn the difference between wants and needs and as you say live within our means.

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  10. That was something interesting..a little bit got in my head and the other ran over my head..
    but whatever i got in my head was true and meaningful.


  11. what a powerful, timely message... so well written! :)

  12. yes, i agree the govnt needs to lessen their spending,great topic to put into rhyming. well said.

  13. So well put and I totally agree.

  14. Great message ...

  15. Amen, sister! Although...easier said than done!

  16. That is the one evil I got rid off very quickly...a credit card! Very insightful!

  17. Cleverly and well written...and enjoyed! :)

  18. @Jingle - Indeed. Everything has a cost. Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

    @pandamoniumcat - Yeah, I'm not a fan of bailing out corporations. Small businesses go belly up all the time and we just say they had a bad business model or were a victim of the economy.

    @Alcina - I'm glad you enjoyed the part that got in your head. :)

    @Bing - I'm glad you enjoyed the message and writing format! Thanks!

    @Jessica - Awww, thanks. I love hearing those words.

    @Isabel - I'm so glad you think it was a great topic choice. :)

    @Teric - Thank you! I'm so glad so many are appreciating the message. :)

    @beccagivens - Thanks!

    @KD - Sooooooo much easier said than done! :)

    @Nelieta - Smart lady! :)

    @Gloria - Thank you!

  19. Rachel...your awesomeness never ceases to amaze me! Yes we must be careful with our own cash. Else we must be ready to catch the falling ash!

  20. @Foxy - As Kung Fu Panda says... there is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness. :) LOL. I'm flattered you enjoy my writing so much and glad you used the word awesomeness so I could pull out my favorite Kung Fu Panda quote! :)

  21. After all the wistfulness and romance, here comes someone who combines poetry with commonsense. Mighty impressed:-)

  22. @Nadira - Thanks for that impressive compliment! :) I do aim to show that poetry doesn't have to fit in the traditional form. :)

  23. Americas budjet is but a joke to the rest of the world one day soon china will own us if they dont already, what a real poem you wrote here, sorry to hear about your troubles but your stronger now for it. As one rhymer to another i invite you to visit my rally post. http://shoelessboywonder.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/the-fool/

  24. I just love the way you can infuse social commentary into art! As your neighbour to the north, we Canadians always look at the American budget as a gage for our own economy though lately it has not been with much enthuse as our dollar has gained parity with the American greenback - it was so much simpler (and economically productive) when we were hovering around the 0.75 mark and Americans were buying Canadian instead of opposite as it today

  25. @Foxy - THANKS! As Kung Fu Panda says... there is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness. :)

    @ab - It scares me that people use the American government as an example. We have more confidence than actual smarts, if ya know what I mean. :)


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