Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

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    It seems every other day some one's "rep" meets defeat
    due to some thoughtless thing they decided to tweet.
    Yet people continue to sign up by the hundred dozens.
    (I finally caved in many years after my young cousins.)
    I choose not to tweet about my mundane daily life.
    Keeping things strictly business should help me avoid strife.

    It seems a slippery slope from cheerful chatter to thoughtless tweeting.
    The temptation will always get to some - history bears repeating.
    I, for one, would not mind a few more laughs at their expense,
    but it seems only right to warn the public to use some common sense.
    could haunt a person enough to make them go insane.

    Even if you aren't as powerful a man as President Barack Obama,
    I recommend you don't tweet anything you wouldn't show to your mama...
    or whatever other person best known to keep you in line.
    Pretend they're watching you're every move, make them proud and you'll be fine.
    Twitter can be a good tool if you don't behave like a fool,
    but fall in the cesspool and you'll be ridiculed like in grade school.
    © Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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    1. Yep a cesspool of crap it is
      Just a place for people into the nosey busy body biz
      Or to promote some stuff
      Like making one buff
      I have 100,000 or so following me
      Across a few accounts but does it bring glee
      Heck no it does not
      As I just use it for my stuff to be bought
      Talk to like 10 of them max
      Twitter just like Facebook should never be used to share actual facts

    2. I'm still struggling to see the virtues of Twitter, and I still don't have an account. I don't see the point in these little personal sound bites like, "This store doesn't have shoes in my size" or "Dang it! It's raining today I was going to golf :(" or whatever people say on there. I mean, really, who cares?

      It's been recommended as a way to promote your site, and if I end up caving at all, it'll be for that. Still, I'm confused. Don't I have to get followers for Twitter to get traffic to my site? Aren't I right back in the same boat? I don't know. I admit, I know next to nothing about the whole thing.

    3. Ditto..never had any desire to twweet!

    4. This is very cool! I don't tweet as well :)

    5. So true... if only our politicians followed this rule!

    6. I love your little poems
      They always make me grin

      And your advice is awfully good
      Usually a win-win

      I like your rule on tweeting
      About what you'd show your mama
      Twitter merely seems like just
      Another place for drama

    7. The rue of all evil is a tweet from some dumb twitter...um, er. #twitterhell12

    8. Coming to your site it one my highlights... you always make me smile, you're a master of rhyme. As for being a tweater, I am barely coping with marketing my blog when I just want to write stories... :-) I'm with Bryan (above) I know we are supposed to do it, but I have to hold out on this ...

    9. some fine wisdom there...never post anything you dont mind defending...i tweet some but not my fav thing to waste time with ..smiles.

    10. @Pat Hatt - LOL. How the heck did you get 100,000 following you without talking to any of them? I think I'm nearing 200. :)

      @Bryan - I totally get your thought process. I did cave in to a twitter account for promoting my blog. I do not truly seek out followers, but I thank people who re-tweet my stuff or include my link in their daily e-zine (there are lots of those) and get followers from there. So... minimal effort is required, I guess.

      @Eric - LOL. Ok then. I won't try to talk you into it. :)

      @Wanda - But you could find out what [random celebrity name here] is doing RIGHT NOW! (Or at least what their tweeting assistant says they are doing...) :)

      @Ayala - I'm glad you enjoyed the rhyme despite being a non-tweeter. :)

      @pamanner - I don't know how someone can be smart enough to become a politician and not smart enough to safeguard themselves against stuff like this. Durrrrr...

      @Tricia - OMG, you wrote a rhyme! I think (on my blog) it's the first time. :) Definitely write for your mama if you want to avoid that drama! :)

      @Atypical Scott - I'll watch out for that hash tag... :)

      @Brenda - So sweet of you to call me the master of rhyme! Re: twitter blog marketing... eh, take your time. :)

      @Brian - Good point! I can feel free to tweet dumb things as long as I want to defend them. :) LOL

    11. Those I know who tweet the most are often the least truly connected. You shared lots of wisdom here, Rachel.

    12. I'm with Bubba, have never tweeted, never will. There arn't enough hours in the day already to keep up with blogging and writing, why would I inflict that nonsense on myself? I'm the kind of person who takes the phone off the hook - permanently! Good one shot!

    13. Just find one with a good long list
      Search through the mist
      Then click follow on a good hundred or more
      And at least 20-50 usually take the tour
      Following back
      Especailly if you don't lack
      That's all I did
      And now they follow me on their own like they are making a bid
      Although I still despise it
      Only use it if you need to promote a bit
      Other than that it's trash
      That just leaves a bad rash

    14. "Even if you aren't as powerful a man as President Barack Obama,
      I recommend you don't tweet anything you wouldn't show to your mama..."

      Wise words in a cool poem.

    15. hahahahah...sotrue, Rachel...
      Everything is fine in moderation indeed... :) and as if it's being moderated... I mean how else would we control ourselves.. no?

      Loved loved LOVED this one!! :))

    16. @Kim - Those people who tweet a lot still fascinate me. They must be tweeting wherever they be for all to see...

      @Elizabeth - I agree there are never enough hours in the day! And... tweeting is not for everyone. :)

      @Pat Hatt - I follow a few new people each week cuz the follow friday helper keeps suggesting me to people... so I check out some others on the tweet and follow if I want. I'm too lazy to do more, but I'm over 250. :)

      @dustus - I love rhyming Osama with yo/your mama. I did it in a previous poem too. Hehe. :)

      @Kavita - Totally! Someone has to moderate us wackadoos. :)

      @Michelle - Thanks! :)

    17. HI Rachel, well said. Had to smile about myself as I was a total enemy of twitter changed into a fan. Can not remember why I started an account but I have met so many great people there and get so much inspiration I would not want to miss it. But I only tweet as if my granny is watching me :-))

    18. @Madeleine - I got the Alan Sherman song Good Advice stuck in my headboth times I read your comment. Were you singing it as you typed? :)

      @Bee - LOL. Its funny to learn that someone I met BECAUSE they're active on twitter was once twitterphobic. :)

    19. Very creative poem. Good advice too. Twitter can get someone in trouble quickly and even if you don't show "Weiner" you could very well find someone who keyboard attacks over a misread word, LOL In fact I wrote about such things in my own poem, " Keyboard Killers"
      I am now following your blog.

    20. @Kim - Definitely have to wonder... :)

      @forjenssake - Thank you! I'll have to check out "Keyboard Killers". :)


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