Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Angry Birds and Sling Shots

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Dear Rovio,

I'd like to thank you for your game, Angry Birds,
It seems like half the world is addicted,
some for reasons you may or may not have predicted.

I'm sure you made the main bird red
to plant feelings of love in my head
and gave the birds each spontaneity
to make them seem as cool as Fonzie.

Yet do you realize the true significance
of the simple sling shot's resurgence?
Forgotten for years except by boys.
Found in stores by the children's toys.

Few had seen how one well placed thud
could turn a castle into crumbled crud.
Now we are all learning angles to sling
flying balls of fury at incessant chirping.

Rather than dreaming of some violent mess
befalling enemies, causing duress,
I now dream of catapulting tomatoes
from my underground cellar into tornadoes.

I'm not one of the fifteen percent
who falls faint when blood is spent,
but I prefer your game's crash and poof
where demise is much more aloof.

I hope that the potential for change that I see
comes to the world because of thee.
What if someday gangsters preferred
sling shots to pistols for protecting their herd?

What will come next after outer space?
Some climate change ravaged place?
I'm certain you'll think of something with style
which will dazzle, intrigue and beguile...

Thank you for making phone games worth my while!

Rachel Hoyt
of Rhyme Me a Smile


  1. Seems you enjoy it
    Quite a bit
    I have never even played the game
    I know the cat is lame

    1. The first time I played it was JUST to write a rhyming review. Now if I start I play an hour or two. It really can hook you. Maybe I should have stayed away too! :)

  2. Never played it, never will.
    Games such as this one
    just don't give me a thrill!

    I prefer 'hidden object' games, they tickle my noggin'
    I play them quite often...
    when I'm not bloggin'!

    1. Hidden objects are fun too. Play whatever game brings joy to you! :)

  3. my boys love to play it...every time we go to th bookstore they jump on one of the ereaders and play...slingshots were so cool back in the day...and i could only hope they might replace guns...

    1. Sling shots replacing guns... just one of my many pipe dreams. I'm glad you're willing to dream with me. :)

  4. Oh, Rachel, you've outdone yourself here! My husband has just recently discovered Angry Birds and we both think it's such a cute game.
    Your poem, indeed, did it justice!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Oh, thank you Martha! I started over on this poem three times before I came up with one I was happy with. :)

  5. That game frustrated me soo, I am not much of a game player anyway, but this one made me so mad I shut off my phone for 2 days.... I love the rhyme and slingshots over guns any day...

    1. I soooooo totally get that! If I fail at a level enough times I get really mad and shut down the game. Unfortunately, I'm getting better at the game, so I don't reach that frustration point as often. I'm glad you're with us on the sling shots vs pistols. :)

  6. Angry Birds can become an addiction. I love the music and the sound effects. Lovely fun poem!

  7. HAHAHA! I've never played but it seems like a fun game! Have a Happy Easter!

    His Cup

  8. I loved this poem because it reminded me
    Of my son who is four and my husband who is 33
    They are both addicted to this game and so far apart in age
    It goes to show it can be loved by anyone in any stage!

    Ok..that's my try at rhyming! lol...Great post. :)

    1. Love you rhyming on my page. :)
      Too bad Angry Birds winners are't paid a wage...

  9. Hello Rachel,
    It appears you are addicted to this game like a lot of the youngsters at work. I have never played it. Now the slingshot, that's an entirely different matter. Growing up as children, we were terribly poor & there was never any money to spare for toys, so we'd improvise with slingshots, marbles & of course the most favorite sport in the! We've broken a few windows in my time! LOL Enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing.

    Day 5: Empty Streams

    1. I don't know if I count as addicted since I will not play for months at a time, but I do really enjoy the game when I play. :) Thanks for visiting. Careful with those marbles. LOL

  10. Hey I love those games. I haven't kept up with them for a while. Space sounds interesting.

  11. Very cute. And as for the power of sling shots, David knew.

    1. Ha! Very true. I'm ashamed I didn't think of that. :)

  12. This is nice. I've enjoyed the game. I appreciate the message you have in this one. If liking a game can distract one from more destructive or worse things, there ought to be more games like that.

    1. Thank you, Ravenblack. I do wish there were more games like that. I'm glad I'm not alone. :)


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