Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - On BPAs, Plastic and Packaged Food

Dearest Prince of Plastic,

It would be really fantastic
(though it may sound drastic)
if you could banish fakery,
poverty, slavery and trickery
in your kingdom of plasticity.

and their evil infectious ways,
but just realized in recent days
that it's in, on or near everything I buy!
Why must BPAs haunt and taunt me?  Why?!

The tupperware I bought isn't safe enough
to heat food in and extra dish work is rough.
And what about all those convenience foods?
Is anything wrapped in plastic safe dudes?
Those BPAs could really alter our moods...

I'm a single gal with little time to cook
who tries to eat healthy but can still, with one look,
count ten or more suspicious items within view
that might have BPAs that could harm you.

Since the FDA won't stand up for us (Who's to gain?),
I thought you could bless your kingdom and wane
the use of low quality plastics that cause us pain.
There must be some other, better use to suit their style.
Perhaps you could just put them on welfare for a while?

Thanks for your help!

Rachel Hoyt
of Rhyme Me a Smile

© 2012 Rachel Hoyt.  All rights reserved.

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  1. This type of plastic is definitely not fantastic :/ (unlike the poem which is :) )

  2. I love this, you hit on something I was just wondering about. I was drinking my sixth or seventh bottle of water yesterday and thought this plastic bottle can't be good for me, could it?? Sorry rhyming is not my strong suit lol

    1. Thank you, Jim! :) Most water bottles are ok (or so they say) as long as you don't reuse them or let them sit in the sun a lot. But, getting a reusable BPA free water bottle is better. :) I'm still confused, but here's an article that might help you. I had been taught the number rating system which they say here isn't very reliable. :o/ So much contradictory advice!

  3. Wow! Great rhyming thoughts here today, Rachel. Really gives me a lot to think about in how and what I buy and consume.

    1. Thank you Martha! I had to get those thoughts out somehow. Hopefully they don't get obsessively stuck in your head like they did mine. :)

  4. well you gave me an education today and made it a little scary out my way need to think on the BPAs, and the FDA will def not watch out for those that are not big brother...

    1. I'm a bit sad to spread fear this week, but hopefully you still smiled at the way I write/speak. :)

  5. I think I work in "The Kingdom of Plasticity"

    1. Have you met the prince? LOL.

      Seriously though... I hope you're safe from those BPAs and whatever else is in the air at the factory. Pay attention at your safety meetings, ok? :)

  6. Great rhyme on a great topic! It's a shame that plastic can affect our life in such a negative way. Sorry Rachel, can write a comment in a rhyming form LOL

    1. No need to comment in rhyme, Mary. I often don't rhyme when returning comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed the message and it's form. :)

  7. I've heard it's quite fantastic
    for one's health to stay away from plastic
    more natural means for sure
    keep one's food more pure

    Ok..maybe I should leave the rhyming to you! ;)

    Great post.

    1. Your rhymes are quite enjoyable! Thanks for visiting sweetie. :)

  8. Hahaha what a funny and enjoyable read! Fast food chains here in our city are doing their best to lessen the use of plastic. But how I wish plastic can be totally eliminated because as you said in your poem, it has a lot of harmful effects, both to our health and to the environment as well!

    1. Yes, some places have lessened their use of plastic here too, but it would be great to do away with it all! I'm glad you agree and like the poem. :) Have a great Friday!


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