Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - the FDA, GRAS and Meat Glue

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Fine folks of the FDA,

I've got a few things I need to say
Well, to be precise, they notified you
and you accepted their research as true
and enough to see what it would do
if you allowed Transglutaminase
to work it's magical ways
on processed meats and seafood
without really telling us.  (How rude.)

I'm sure it would have been rough to write
a press release that sounded just right...
"We generally accept it as safe for you to eat
pieces of glued together scrap-mignon meat."
... but hearing the truth would've been neat.
I've worked in restaurants and catering
doing the "serve people for tips" thing,
but have never, ever heard anything
about this way to make meat scraps cling.

Your food safety tactics there seem quite crazy.
Or perhaps it's that you're understaffed and/or lazy?
I feel like the FDA's purpose is hazy.
Aren't we the ones who you should protect?
This notification process you use seems derelict,
like the ones thoroughly checked are random picked
or chosen due to a food scare or outbreak,
saying that's a risk they can take
with this weird thing that they make.

I suppose I should be thanking you for helping wreck beef.
The issue now is avoiding strange GRAS listed food,
the thought of which brings out my super sour mood.
I've heard of, "The more you spend, the more you save!"
It's the motto that makes luxury bargain shoppers cave.
I hope yours isn't, "This looks fun to try out for a while."
Is that really the mark of your signature style?
Please ponder what the heck you've allowed in our food piles.

Thank you,

Rachel Hoyt
of Rhyme Me a Smile


  1. Fe fi fo fum, meat glue sounds dumb.
    I think the FDA is as shady as they come.
    They wouldn't hesitate or think twice
    to sell us all out for a price.

    1. It certainly seems that way,
      though you may not even need to pay.


  2. Bravo!

    I've not seen a poem about the FDA before...

    1. Thank you! I enjoy trying new things. :)

  3. Nice work!...and I am a proud vegetarian...for obvious reasons ;)

    1. I'm inching towards vegetarian (for obvious reasons), but it is still tough for me. I've been eating meat and junk packaged food my whole life! :o/

  4. My daughter wants to be a vegetarian!! I think I shouldn't stop her!

    1. Please do support her choice! It's scary what they are doing to our foods. Although, I'm guessing vegetarian convenience foods pose similar risks?

  5. Oh NOOO! This is this just wrong! I am getting more and more worried about what they are ADDING to our meat and the affects it might have on our health in the future! Thank you for sharing this... I need to rethink becoming a vegetarian again! I tried it for about 9 months but I LOVE steak, so I went back to meat! haha

    1. I'm getting weary of any food that is pre-packaged too. If they've allowed meat glue... :P

  6. That glue for me would never do -
    I like my foodstuffs plain and true! LOL


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