Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wacky Word Wednesday - Xanthippe or Xantippe

Xanthippe / Xantippe
(zan THIP ee / zan TIP ee)
by Rachel Hoyt
photo by imagerymajestic via
Like Socrates' wife is snippy,
Nags more than a campaigning hippy,
Might also be described as lippy,
A 'debate' starter - xanthippe.
© 2013 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

Every week I rhyme and define a new wacky word.
Come on over to indulge your inner nerd.
And, please let me know of any weird words you've heard.

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  1. xanthippe...ha...
    isnt that a novel by piers anthony
    oh wait that is xanth
    though i bet they have hippies
    wonder if they are as lippy?

  2. I love X words. Even make them up if I have to.

  3. Were I to marry a xanthippe,
    she'd be the perfect match for me!

    Excellent! Moskowitz the Grouser

    1. Hey ther Pop-o Moskowitz. Did you change your blogger pseudonym because you wanted to seem less like a xanthippe? How ever will your lady find ye? :)

  4. The man who's had enough
    has come to decide to swallow his pride
    He told his woman that she can take that xanthippe side
    and hop her ass on the next free ride
    outta town, cause don't nobody need any extra lip around.
    Just give him that silence, and he'll call it his favorite sound.
    That and the rocks she's gone to pound.


  5. Rachel! Thank you so much for an "X" word--I love them!! This one has such a great sound too--just like your poem, it definitely has a rap beat going---Xanthippe almost sounds lispy too. Funny that Socrates wife was shrewish--maybe she was just an outspoken woman and got a bad rap for it? Could happen...;-)

    1. You're welcome for the X word!! I thank for teaching it to me. :)

      I'm quite happy you think my poem sounds rap like. :) I also really enjoy your thoughts on Socrates' wife. :)


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