Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cancerous Frivolities

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Are you as annoyed as me to hear the "breaking news" on cell phones?
Does it feel as if they're taunting from upon their knowledge thrones?
I too was bothered by the seeming lack of new information
and the reality that technology was enduring degradation...
until one day I found the list of knowledge I desired.
The following is a summary of what, henceforth, transpired.

I was eager to learn what other items were equally polluting,
but as I read the list, few of the words were computing.
I decided to google one from each letter group
and avoid those cancer causers like strange looking goop.

Acetaldehyde proved there's be something to dread.
I read that it occurs naturally in coffee, fruit and bread.
That sounds much harder to avoid than use of cell phones.
Plus, I bet its remnants lie within many more bones.

Bracken ferns was the next "word" that attracted my eye.
I doubted it was something that I'd given a try,
but lo and behold it's a fairly ordinary plant!
If I had one in my house I'd be writing a rant.

C is for cell phones which now sound much less scary.
(Thank goodness, 'cuz I'm addicted the one that I carry.)

Learning what Dacarbazine was made me laugh a bit,
but it also makes me want to call someone a twit.
A Chemo drug that could cause the very thing it cures?!?!
Would you prescribe it to any ill friend of yours?

As I reached the E's I knew that my search was futile.
Seeing "engine exhaust - gasoline" on the list just felt brutal.
A world without cell phones, cars, bread, fruit or coffee???
Sorry, but that is not a world I'm dying to see.

I'll try to avoid silly obvious causes like smoking
and wear a mask when around fumes that cause choking.
Basically, it'll have to be more risky than this
to interfere with my desire for maximum bliss.
You can choose a life much more cautious if you want,
but my desire for cell phones, bread, fruit and coffee I will flaunt!

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.
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  1. very apt for me at the moment ...after having a transplant(very grateful)that was viral ridden and receiving Iv drugs for 6mths basically to keep me alive am now needing bone marrow biopsy and body scan to rule out lymph cancer ....hopefully all the tests will be negative but if not it will be more chemicals to live ! ... I still have been very lucky and your right one can get obsessed ...just live life !!!!!

  2. Wow! I am honored to have someone currently facing the struggle as my FIRST reader!! I am so glad you enjoyed the poem. I wish you oodles of negative test results and few chemicals required for living! Thank you so much for leaving a comment here.

  3. Like anonymous said.. Live Life!!!
    I have friends and family who have never smoked, always exercised, minimal coffee and no mobile phone... Yet have died from cancer.. Regardless of what we do or what we partake of one way or another that little critter will find an opening.

    Live!!! Feel experience and love!

    That's me being serious RH..

    Love always!


  4. Yeah besides smoking which is just nasty anyway
    And other deadly stuff which I stay far away
    Screw the rest I must say
    Although when in my pocket my cellphone is off for the day
    As I wouldn't want anything down there
    Plus it kills my fishes from it's wear
    So yeah I'll avoid that for now
    But they say everything causes it to make people have a cow
    Instead of giving the cure
    They are just a money hungry whore
    Charging enough to give you a heart attack
    Causing you to fork over another big money sack
    They get you either way
    So screw them I say
    Live life well you can
    Go get a tan
    Use sunscreen of course
    Or you might have remorse
    As whatever you do
    It could get caught by you

  5. there is a wanted poster on you congratulation thank you and god bless smile you deserve it.

  6. You shine when writing about current topics!

  7. You touch the life´s of many people :)

  8. You do rhyme! I am in awe, honestly. I hope you allow me to join the others in saying you are gifted and this is a testament.. you have touched. Below is something you may find interesting. I cut and pasted this from an email I received regarding a Cancer Poetry project. I will forward you the entire email...

    Karin is now looking for submissions for a second volume. If you are interested, contact Karin, or join the group she recently founded on She Writes.

  9. @Alejadro - I agree... fate will get us, so lets have fun until then! :)

    @Pat - Hehehe. Keep those fishies safe! :)

    @Roy - I love that I'm the mystery recipient. :)

    @Michelle - Thank you! I have fun writing the current topics. :)

    @Nelieta - Thank you! If that is true, then I am certain I've found my calling. :)

    @Brenda - Yes ma'am I rhyme! Thanks for coming over to visit. That Cancer Poetry Project is a GREAT lead! :)

  10. I liked your poem! Sometimes it feels like the media's main job is to find new ways to scare us. :) And what really drives me nuts is all the conflicting studies saying something is bad for you and then saying "never mind."

  11. i love your poem! informative...and certainly FUN to read!


    My OSW: Life

  12. good rant poem - I smiled when the news came out - the preventative oncology world has known about the rads from cell phones for quite awhile.
    you are so right to rant about all the other things we don't know will kill us - quicker

  13. Clever, topical and skilfully constructed. In the face of so many potential dangers we can only console ourselves with the knowledge that we all must die of something.

  14. loved it ...informative but my conclusion is just live life and enjoy the odd treat ...etc can only enhance life, better to love it than live in fear .....thanks for sharing

  15. living it seems is a dangerous game, who would have thought it? yeah i will keep my coffee...though there are days i would rather not have the phone....

  16. I can always count on you to bring me up-to-date on current news topics.

    Just one more reason why I don't own a cell phone, but take my coffee away...NEVER...
    I need my acetaldehyde!!

  17. I think what all the research will eventually prove is that living will eventually make you die. Who knew?!!

  18. @Madeleine - It certainly does seem the media thinks their job is to scare us sometimes! It also drives me nuts. :)

    @wena - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the combo. :)

    @moondustwriter - I too heard the news about cell phone radiation years ago. Didn't everyone? Too funny.

    @James - Thank you for visiting and leaving such a kind compliment. :)

    @kez - I think the world agrees but the media is trying to squash our fun! Thanks for visiting. :)

    @Brian - We should all take a break from our cell phones here and there... but just because we want to, not because of some cancer scare. :)

    @Wanda - Go acetaldehyde!!! Well, the coffee form at least. I can't live without it either. :)

    @Lolamouse - LOL. So true... BREAKING NEWS: living causes death. You heard it here first. :)

  19. That has to be the most awesome poem I've read of yours - I love them all but this one was kind of Genius - no not kind of totally with a capital G to emphasise how totally AWESOME you are x

  20. Rachel! You never cease to amaze me! I loved this and your ability to rhyme words like that is amazing. It doesn't matter what you eat/drink/sniff etc. Everything seems to be dangerous latel -_-''

    Ciaooo xoxox

  21. Yes, I think there's a lot more hype than substance to a lot of this. Cell phones are popular. People already worry about this stuff. So naturally the slightest suggestion that there's a danger makes for a juicy story and causes a lot of panic. Not saying that there might not be a valid case behind all this, but I too am a little skeptical at their lack of solid evidence. A year ago they were saying that cell phone signals cured Alzheimer's, now this.

    At any rate, I don't use my phone that much, although I do have it in my pocket a lot. I've taken to setting it out on a table whenever I can, as a precaution since hearing this. That's about all I can do.

  22. i'm wrapping myself in cotton wool,
    modern technology will make me a fool,
    - see i can make a rhyme, see my talents never end. Ok so when do you start classes for us deluded people

  23. @SJ - Thanks! I LOVE being called an awesome geinius. :)

    @TJ - Well... I don't sniff anything, so that ought to help me, right? LOL

    Bryan - As you say, I'm sure there is SOMETHING to the research, just not enough to panic. :)

    @Larry - I'm not much of a teacher, but i give you a gold star and smiley face for your wool/fool rhyme. :)

  24. HAHA!!! I will flaunt along with you!!! I can't live without... ;)

  25. I've seen the dreams before friends died:
    none of them ever lied,
    But told it as it happened,
    So the day I dream of my demise,
    I may be truly saddened.

  26. @Farfalla Dreams - Glad I could give you a giggle! Cheers!!

    @Jim - I doubt any of us fulfills all our dreams. :(

  27. Very current a topic. I tend to agree with the points you made here. I like how you tied a well thought out informational piece while staying true to your rhyme scheme and form. Well Done, thanks for sharing:)

  28. Thank you, Fred! I'm glad you like the style of my posts. :)


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