Monday, April 11, 2011

Fly Geyser

I've just read about a neat place called Fly Geyser.
You must brave booby traps to closely spy her.
An accidentally created geothermal mound
not yet converted to a public stomping ground.

On a ranch currently owned by a Mr. Todd Jaksick,
growing bigger by the minute.  Isn't nature fantastic?!
I hope someday he'll allow us to see it up close.
The wonders of nature are the travel stops I like most.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

My NaPoWriMo poem #12

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  1. That looks very refreshing,
    at least to behold.
    I guess it depends on the water,
    and whether it's hot or it's cold.

  2. It looked like titties showering milk on us all.


  3. Fun poem.
    Bigger each day.... soon have a volcano then ,)
    You asked for a link

  4. @Bryan - I too want warm to hot water. If it was cold, I wouldn't bother. Still it's pretty to watch from afar, or simply to drive past and view from the car.

    @Alejandro - The use of the word titties on my blog makes me giggle. I suppose I see it too, though they don't wiggle. :)

    @Tigerbrite - Wouldn't it be cool if it became a reverse volcano / waterfall? I think so. Thanks for leaving your link! I love to return comments and this makes it much easier. :)

  5. very nice.. mines here~

  6. fun thoughts.

    unlimited evolution leads to explosion...


  7. That's a great verse. Superb. Well done.

  8. What a great poem! This was fun.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog

  9. I can't rhyme, but I was thrilled to bits, to take a look at what AG called ti... ;)

  10. A very neatly composed poem, Rachel, and I always admire how you mangae to make the rhymes work!
    What an odd geyser!

  11. The wonders of nature never fail to captivate....
    The wonders of geyser is something I speculate....
    Rachel Hoyte, it's not yet too late...
    Just don't resign this geyser to fate....

  12. @fiveloaf @Jingle @pandamoniumcat - Thanks for stopping by from Poetry Potluck. :)

    @Dave - I love when my writing is called superb! :)

    @Missy - I enjoyed your poem too! Thanks for stopping by here. :)

    @Corrine - AG is a funny guy. I knew I could draw you all over to see his comment. :)

    @jessicasjapes - Rhyming definitely doesn't work for everyone, but for me it's the very best kind of fun. :)

    @Jorie - Very cute rhyming response. I definitely find nature captivating and sometimes worth speculating. :)

  13. The wonders of nature are the travel stops I like most. likewise!!

    very well composed.. :)
    hugs x

  14. @Olivia - Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad I could inform you of another fun travel stop to watch out for. :)

  15. Ohhhh that is really neat! It looks like many of the limestone cave formations, except this one is actually above ground and not under it! The neatest part is that it hasn't been exploited and turned into a tourist trap yet. ;) Your poem was a delightful tribute.

  16. This is amazing!!! Thanks a ton for sharing this - I so want to visit!

  17. Wow, thats amazin!.. I'd write a rhyme but I'm too lazy!.. ;)

  18. Growing by the minute?! Wow. That is amazing! It looks really beautiful.

  19. That is one of the most beautiful geysers that I have seen. My family likes to go to hot springs for vacations and this would make a great destination.


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