Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ninja News

Image by Rob Wilshire via

This morning the news shocked me with their word.
First a duo of sword wielding ninjas robbed a gas station
taking cash, cigarettes and lotto tickets as their "donation".
Then another slashed 11 cars and tried to stab a man.
When confronted with a gun though, that ninja ran.

Yet another man who left his little boy alone at home
says his ex was sitting while he went out to jog and roam.
Furthermore, his ninja-like-get-up was no costume at all.
This was just a running outfit he picked up at the mall.
The cops are keeping the "non-ninja" for questioning.
I hope his capture brings the others to their reckoning.

I wouldn't want kids to start thinking ninjas are mainly bad.
I've always associated them with honor which made me glad.
Thankfully the "Ninja Watch" in England is doing their part
to show that many masked men and women are still pure of heart.
May the bad guys see you protecting your future King and Queen
and vow not to be like those who might cause a wedding scene.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

My NaPoWriMo poem #28.


  1. Haha! Your ability to write a news report in rhyme gets me every time!! I think I would watch such a news that rhymed. "The police have captured terrorists who in their defiance hold clenched fists!"

    Cheers Rachel! Lots of Love!

  2. I like Ninjas. It's a sad day when they turn bad!


  3. @Foxy - HahaHA! Loved your headline. :) I feel a bit bad doing it on such serious subjects though. Then again, if the people demand it... :) Let me know when you find the TV station that wants to hire us. LOL

    @alejandro - So sad when they turn bad. Makes me mad. Oh so sad. :(
    Thanks for visiting. :)

  4. Usually ninjas are cool,
    and they disappear into smoke,
    but these ninjas are lame,
    and they sound like they're broke.

  5. Ninja, Ninja,
    Burning Bright
    Swords are cleaving
    As fast as light

    Ninja, Ninja,
    Don't be sad
    We still believe in you
    Stop being bad.

  6. Ninja's rock, that's still true,
    There's always good one's left,
    So don't be blue! ;)

    (ok ok I'm not too much of a poet lol..but I try at times ;) )

    Loved your rhyming...informative and fun!

  7. Your words remind me
    its all in the heart
    how we act in ninja suits art.

    Will we bring honor?
    will be bring shame?
    to the time-honored ninja brotherhood name?

    like anything else,
    from bikers to cavemen
    if the heart is pure
    that's what will save men.

    And women.



  8. @Bryan - I agree. Sounds like they're broke and desperate. :(

    @BornStoryteller - I love your rhyming chant / plea to the Ninjas. :) I hope they listen!

    @Jessica M - That was a good rhyme! It definitely made me smile. :)

    @Jannie - What a great rhyming comment! So true that, "like anything else, from bikers to cavemen / if the heart is pure / that's what will save men. / amd women". :)


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