Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looks Like a Puffer Fish

Image via Google Images

Do you fear sneezing with your eyes open?
Do you hide silly faces for fear they'll stick?
I fear the first but for the second am hopin' -
I mean not for me, but to cause it'd be slick.

Anyhow, add this bad habit to your list:
yawning real big looks like a puffer fish.
If you got stuck like that you'd be pissed.
Never to go through that is a sincere wish.

Rachel Hoyt 2011. All rights reserved.

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My NaPoWriMo poem #13


  1. What a cute and educational post.


  2. Loved it! Pufferfish are great..but yeah I would get pretty ticked if my face froze like that!

  3. Ugghhh, I don't know how many times I've pulled something in jaw by yawning. Hurts like hell.

  4. I love puffa fish, I saw them in the pet shop the other day and I didn't realise they were so small in captivity.

  5. @Lisa - Hehe. I can almost see this being read in a classroom. :) Perhaps someday...

    @Jessica M - Yeah, puffer fish are cute but people resembling puffer fish... not so cute. :)

    @Bryan - Ouch!!! It really does look like it would hurt like a mother... even after it gets un-stuck. You have my sympathies.

    @SJ - The itty bitty puffers are definitely the cutest! :)

  6. I don't know about the yawning, but I've definitly tried to keep my eyes open when sneezing, while I was driving of course, and pretty sure the face I made was one I would'nt want to stick! :D

  7. Rachel,
    lol amazing Puffer fish are to cool. I don't think one can sneeze with there eyes open it just can't be done.

  8. You do not want to hear my yawn. I think I wake up the dead. My wife does not enjoy it one bit.

  9. Very cute! But yes, I'm with you. I fear sneezing with eyes open. I just imagine that they would be in danger of popping out!

  10. How come something that looks like this always makes me want to reach out and touch it?
    Love the post Rachel:)

  11. @Wanda - Hehehe. Be careful! Driving and sneezing is dangerous. :)

    @Jessica - I can't keep my eyes open when I sneeze, but I have a sneaking suspicion someone else has tested the theory.

    @Matty - LOL. My boyfriends yawn occasionally sounds like Chewbacca. Maybe the two of you could be the poster guys for Wookie Day (a holiday I think should exist). :)

    @sweepyjean - I think all of us pretty universally believe that one... and no one wants their eye to pop out! Ouch!!

    @Promising Poets - Thanks so much! Very sweet.

    @Mary - Hehe. I want to pet a puffer too... but it's probably a really bad idea. :)


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