Thursday, April 21, 2011

Penguin Giggle

Recently I got a good giggle
watching this little penguin wiggle.
My dad and brother often tickled me
when little and it crippled me
while also filling me with glee
and minor fear that I would pee.
This penguin seems to know that feeling.
What a rare joy to hear his squealing!

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

My NaPoWriMo  poem #23

Thank you, Jingle, for the Magical Butterfly Award.



  1. very cute. Do they smell at that early age? I know when they get older they're quite odorous.

    Oh by the way, cute poem also

  2. Ahh..the fear of being tickled.

    My sister and her friend use to tickle me when I was little, but I wasn't as lucky as you, most of the time I peed my pants!!

    Very cute poem.

  3. that's a fun humor indeed.

    superb piece.

  4. awards for you!

    thanks for leaving a comment under my award post.

    loved your poetry, please feel free to take any two awards from my post,


  5. Rachel - I can watch that video over and over again....and your rhyme is cute as usual!

  6. Adorable penguin, precious rhyme!

  7. I feel a giggle coming on! No it's just wind...

    lol A

  8. @Nene - I have no idea if they smell when little... I didn't know they smelled when older. :)

    @Wanda - LOL. Sorry you didn't get lucky on holding in your pee. LOL :)

    @Jingle - Thanks! It is always a pleasure to participate in your forums.

    @Patricia - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the cuteness.

    @Corrine - I HAVE watched that video over and over again. Love watching Cookie (that's the penguin's name) giggle. :)

    @Debra - Thanks! Just a quickie. :)

    @Alejandro - LOL. Hope your "wind" doesn't smell like penguins. Nene says they smell bad. :)

  9. Penguins are awesome.

    I once had a nightmare where I was part of a group being held prisoner by a bunch of penguins. They were going to execute me. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.

  10. My daughter loves this video. It is awfully adorable, isn't it?

    I hated being tickled as a child and still hate it.

    Bryan WHite, that is one scary dream.

  11. @Bryan - Holy cow! That is quite a dream.

    @Linda H - I have a love/hate relationship with tickling these days. I like that it reminds me of my dad and brother, but I still don't like the feeling of being tickled. :)


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