Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thrillerizing Education

Who says the Chinese don't know how to have fun?
These school kids do --  each and every one.
To spice up their required daily dance routine
they recreate Michael Jackson's "dangerous" scene.
It's amazing how many kids experience elation
when you help them thrillerize their education.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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My NaPoWriMo poem #21


  1. very cool video..very cool poem...double cool, coolio!

  2. Is this mandatory? Is this their end-of-grade test? I give ‘em an A plus for the dance… and you an A plus for the poem. Delightful!

  3. that is awesome...i love it when teachers make it fun to learn, or allow the kids to play with what is required in their own way...

  4. @Alejandro - Aaaahhh. How nice to be conisered brilliant... even if only for a fleeting moment. :)

    @BornStoryteller - Thank... thanks.. thank you! :)

    @Debra - They have to do a dance routine every day, first thing, for exercise. This is their favorite routine. :)

    @Brian - ME TOO!!! That's why I HAD to write something about them :)

  5. It is so rare to find teachers that can enthuse children to study, to make education fun. Thank you for sharing it Rachel. Still waiting for you Meme.

  6. Rachel,
    OH Snap, that was brilliant... They looked better than the video. LOL

  7. For some reason that video scares me. Not sure why. Good poem, though :)

  8. Rachel, how cute! Loved the poem and the video fits perfectly!

  9. The USA should take a few pointers from China and start including dance in THEIR school systems physical fitness programs, maybe it would help cut down on the problems we have with childhood obesity!

    Wait a minute, do our school systems here even have gym,PE,etc. any more?

  10. Love rhyme...this is a good one for several reasons. One, the rhymes work...they aren't forced. Secondly, you playfully use poetic license (thrillerize)to enhance the effect. Great job. Vb

  11. Michael Jackson
    brought satisfaction.
    to many in song and dance
    he's living on
    will never be gone
    in China, and Texas and France.

    and other places
    with happy faces.


  12. And your rhyme thrillerized me to no end.

  13. @Rimly - I agree. Teachers who make education fun should be celebrated. :) Also... what is a meme?

    @Jessica - They certainly are talented dancers, eh? :)

    @Doug - That is interesting that it scares you. Glad you liked the poem at least. :)

    @Mary - Thanks! I was happy the video was around to inspire me. :)

    @Wanda - LOL. I'm not sure if we still have P.E. actually... but I bet all the kids have doctor's excuses if they do.

    @versebender - Wow. Thanks for the super thoughtful comment. :)

    @Jannie - Awesome rhyme. :) I love that it ends with "happy faces". Thanks for making ME smile. :)

    @Matty - You mean I invented, explained and instilled a new verb all in one shot!?! Now I'm feeling thrillerized.

  14. cool is the only word i can use !

  15. Meme was started awhile back where you get tagged and you have to answer a few questions about yourself. I was tageed by Alpana, Jim and Sulekha. In turn you tag 3 or more people. I tagged you.


  16. it is good when fun is there in education. :) very nice poem and video, Rachel!

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  17. Another good one with a perfect punchline. :)

  18. @Kez - Cool is good! I like cool. :)

    @Rimly - Ah! Yes, I remember the tag and didn't see instructions and completely forgot amidst NaPoWriMo. Thanks for the reminder. I will work on my meme. :)

    @Vinay - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the combo. It is fun to see fun alive in education.

    @Madeline - A perfect punchline!?! :) *blushing* :)


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