Friday, April 29, 2011

Uniquer Discount Goings On

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Not long after I wrote a long poem on coupons,
I found out about some uniquer discount goings on.
It seems a Brooklyn maternity shop for lesbians
gives a discount to their like-minded girl friends.
Don't get me wrong, I actually think it's kinda cute.
The owner knows she's totally un-pc... oh shoot.
She says it's a perk of owning your own business.
I think that is awfully brave of her to confess.

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My NaPoWriMo poem #30


  1. Only in America.....or maybe not :D

  2. @Shanae and @Mari - The article definitely got me thinking... though I'm still not sure what I think. :)

  3. The people in the comments below that link
    all seem to be missing the point, I think
    She's offering her deal with humor so mild
    to a demographic unlikely to be burdened with child.
    It's like, "Free sunglasses for the blind."
    Or, "Help yourself to any square circles you find."
    You could consider it rude, or perhaps in bad taste,
    or you could live and let live, and not shop at her place.

  4. Yes, digging in depth I see I'm mistaken.
    The sign wasn't mean in the way that I've taken.
    The sperm donor angle kind of derails my train,
    so disregard the above comment as pointless, inane.
    And blind people quite often wear glasses.
    Oh well, we all occasionally come off as asses.

  5. Wow..hadn't heard that one before! Interesting!

  6. this made me smile. but if it's offensive I'll take it back :)

  7. had to read your latest addition and as usual it made me smile ! ( not offended here ) ...thank you !!!!

  8. loved it...refreshing new take on the theme..kudos :D

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  10. yeah,
    it is cool of her to make confessions.

    well done.


  11. I'm going to ignore the sexuality aspects of this post and just say that, yes, owning your own business is awesome in the being able to do whatever you want. I've had customers who irritated me so much I told them "Go away. I don't need your business anyway." Very liberating :)

  12. Slick market niche to whittle one into, isn't it? A friend of mine who used to do my pictures for me and her girlfriend are currently in 'negotiations' over which of them will be doing the birthing process - I wonder if the woman has a franchise in Canada"? As always, an entertaining and informing write!

  13. @Bryan - I love that you researched your opinion and came back to comment again. Of course, the first one was a very cute rhyme as well. :)

    @Jessica M - Definitely something "fun" to ponder. :)

    @Alejandro - Well, my friend is getting married this weekend but I don't think that is thr wedding you're asking about... :)

    @bendedspoon - I smiled too. I'll let you know if we need to take it back together. :)

    @kez - I'm glad to know I didn't offend you... my loyal reader. :)

    @Aashi - Glad you found it refreshing! :)

    @Ebenezer - I'm glad to leave you fascinated!! ;)

    @Jingle - Yes. We'll see how long she's happy about her confession. :)

    @Doug - I'l like to tell our customers to buzz off sometimes. Too bad my boss doesn't want to. :)

    @abthomas - Hehe. Perhaps she'll have a Canada franchise soon. :)

    @WyomingDiva - Glad you enjoyed the read! :)

  14. lol. it figures :)

    how is your study going?

    i hope it is well and perfect. now that things are calming down i will come over more often,


  15. Very smart really, niche markets are the best...and it's all the rage now!

  16. @luna - well... I still haven't found time to even begin compiling the results of the last study... but I went ahead and posted a new one. :) I think I'll have time next week to write it up. We'll see.

    @Di - Niche markets are definitely the rage. :)

  17. Personally I think this woman is hilarious. I love the idea, and the comments under the article were interesting to read. According to one, the area of NY where her store is people wouldn't blink an eye at such a discount. Not sure why, as I know nothing about NY let alone the portion she is in. Thanks for rhyming about this one Rachel! It was fun! xo

  18. Hi hon,
    I'm a new follower! Cutest blog ever! I love it. I'm a super cheapie so I love finding ways to save Lol.

    I actually came to your blog to thank you for the wonderful comments you left at Jessica Brant's finding one's way page on my story living this side of hell. I wanted to thank you and let you know I have left a comment on the story telling you all how much your comments and support have meant. I hope you'll get a chance to reAD it. :) Anyways, I'm working on a blog post I've dedicated to the wonderful people like you who commented with such empowering, kind words. I will be sharing your link on the post. :)

    Thank you so much!


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