Monday, April 25, 2011

Rhyme Me a Smile Meme

My blog friend Rimly tagged me in a meme,
I didn't respond, but didn't mean to be mean.
It's just that I didn't really know what it was
and was caught up in my NaPoWriMo buzz.

I've learned since then it means writing about me.
Perhaps you're wondering if I'm really truly wacky?
What ideas and behaviors make up my culture?
Am I really just a silly news knowledge vulture?

I understand why you'd want to know if I'm crazy.
Who wants advice from someone who's mentally hazy?
Don't worry, no one's told me I'm legally insane,
nor have I ever injured or damaged my brain.

I'm certainly not graceful or indestructible though
and have sprained / broken many a finger and toe.
Thankfully, I've never damaged an arm, leg or eye,
 but I doubt I'll keep that record until the day I die.

I get stressed out, angry and depressed just like you
and find writing these rhymes is the "medicinal" thing to do.
The wacky news and blog stories I read for inspiration
are also a constant source of (possibly shallow) elation.

Sometimes I eat chocolate or nachos instead...
or a whole yummy loaf of cheesy garlic bread.
To distract me from food, I look to my friends
on our combined wackiness my happiness depends.

I like karaoke, poker, wine tasting and whiskey
and running 'round town in costume when frisky.
I'm addicted to 30 Rock but don't watch much TV.
Usually the boob tube's just background noise for me.

I get a bit of a thrill from breaking traditions and rules.
I once built a menorah with bottles, candles and skewers for tools.
The guest of honor got the first chance to shoot out the flames
then the pellet guns were passed to the other gents and dames.

So there you have it... a Rhyme Me a Smile Meme.
The final fact about me?  My favorite color is green.
I hope you enjoyed these rhyming personal fun facts
and that they gave you a chance to giggle and relax.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

My NaPoWriMo poem #26

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  1. well hello you angry, depressed, costume wearing, whiskey guzzler, you!


  2. Hehehehe. Hi Alejandro. Now you know the truth. Though, tonight it is mellow here. :)

  3. What a unique way of telling about a rhyme. Loved it. Guess I know a little more :))

  4. Rachel,
    I hope you never stop writing poems.
    Nice to know you have good days and bad. Just fooling
    You left pokie out of the rhyme : (
    Poor Poor pokie

  5. Rachel, you are truly blessed with a gift! That is so perfect! Giggling the whole way through made my first cup of coffee awfully enjoyable, Thank you!

  6. @Rimly - I don't write posts that aren't in rhyme for this blog. It just wouldn't be right. :)

    @Jessica - I don't plan to stop! :) Thanks for the encouragement though. And... don't worry, Pokey gets plenty of internet attention. LOL.

    @Mary - I'm so glad you feel it was a great way to start your day. :)

  7. I remember struggling at school trying to write rhymes, unsuccessfully i may add. Yet you constantly create such sensational ones, i'm in awe of you

  8. That's daughter's favorite color is green, too. You were close in your assumption of what my last post was about. Actually, the first paragraph was my reminiscing about the Star Trek television show from my past and the next was how that show related to the book, "DiSemblance" I have written. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

  9. @Mari - Thank you!!! :)

    @Larry - I wrote rhyming notes to my friend Marissa in junior high... that was the main time I remember practicing before now. LOL. :)

    @Shanae - Your book sounds like it has a very interesting plot! Good luck with it. :)


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