Friday, April 8, 2011

Scary Small Studios

A scary small studio's solemnity
is something that's all too familiar to me.
Ponderously placed pictures, pots, panties and pumps?
The maintenance cycle here goes through too many slumps.
Being bombarded by a barrage of belongings
seems my fate though not befit my longings.

Perhaps I should call this gal to help me?
She's got 90 square feet.  I've got 250.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011. All rights reserved.

My NaPoWriMo poem #9


  1. That was interesting. make on wonder if we really need so much. However will not go that far.

  2. At least she has a bigger screen monitor.... But then, living in such a space may not give you the ease....

  3. Oh boy, can you say 'cramped'? I went from 6000 sq feet to 2000 and am feeling the crunch. Ceilings, walls, no room to After watching that video I feel blessed to be where I'm at:)

  4. My first thought was that she sleeps in a coffin but I've readdressed that - her whole apartment is a coffin. I'm amazed that someone can be that organised and ashamed at how disorganised I am. So I'm off to go sort out my study and my spare room, then I'll do the living room and the kitchen. Oh hell maybe I should just move into the cupboard under the stairs.

  5. get a bigger washing basket and stop complaining blast it!


  6. I watched the video and it's amazing how she gets all that stuff in that size apartment. But where there's a will, there's a way.

    She lives in a small, but humble abode,
    her lifestyle has shrunk to a minimal mode

    sleeping is fine, but don't lift your head, and climbing on down just might leave you dead

    the bathroom is squeezed down to a bit, and don't bump your foot when you sit down to shit

    friends stop on over and chat for a while, their exit funnels down like an old turnstyle

    cooking is risky when you don't have a stove, but who really cares in your comfy ole cove

  7. @YogaSavy, Jorie and SJ - I think we all need at least a little more space than this chick. An organized person could make better use of my 250 sq ft, but I can't imagine an adult living with less. It has to have caused further panic attacks she failed to mention.

    @SJ - Don't hide in the cubbord! LOL. And, when you're done organizing your house, you wanna come do mine? :)

    @Alejandro - Where do I put the bigger washing basket? :)

    @Matty - Awesome rhyme! You described her place perfect. :)

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  9. Rachel,
    OMFG 90 square feet that is the size of my closet. Dear God most people would lose their minds in that space.
    90 SQ feet, she drove me nuts if she said NYC one more time I think I was going to punch out my computer screen.
    Love you chica

  10. I am full of admiration for both of you. When I think of the space I have and the mess it gets into... maybe there's a clue there somewhere! Great post.

  11. @Stacey - Thanks! I'm glad you like my blog. I recently redesigned the page. :)

    @Jessica - Totally! She could not stop saying New York. It's New York. As if everyone should want to live in a closet as long as it is in NEW YORK!!! LOL.

    @Dave - My teeny place is nearly always in a total mess. There isn't much time for cleaning around my job and writing schedule. Hehe. I am trying to learn from her though.

  12. I'd be quite cranky without the space that I have. Love the alliteration in:

    "Ponderously placed pictures, pots, panties and pumps"

    Nicely done :)


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