Friday, April 22, 2011

Greenzilla's Earth Day Plea

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I still believe that we've all got the need
to do some good - we know we should -
and I hope every enviro-dope today will cope
by reading Greenzilla's Earth Day pleading.

Why must we sometimes be so lazy
that we drop our soda pop and don't stop
to save the can?  Be a man - a recycling fan.
Just one could save hours of power for fun!

To really beat the cold and heat, conserving is neat.
One degree can store 10% for when you're needing more.
There will be some for everyone!  Oh how much fun
to share the love like handmade gloves... sort of.

It's not bull.  Landfills are full, so here's the rule:
Limit your waste with haste.  Make it your taste
to try to buy from the local guy.  Why?
Less packaging to each something will cling. 
Ca-ching!!! To Greenzilla, happy thoughts this will bring.

If you haven't gotten greener yet, but regret...
and your contempt has you feeling verklempt...
Make this Earth Day the one when you say,
"I must do more to stand up for... Mother Earth.  She's sore."

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved. 

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My NaPoWriMo poem #24.


  1. My wife couldn't care less about being green. All my efforts are for naught. Sigh.

  2. Awwwww, bad wife! She is not alone. There are many who don't see a point, don't want to spend money, won't... Sighing is all we can do. :)

  3. Lovely poem Rachel. I'm in awe at the way you come up with this poetry that packs such a powerful message!

  4. Awww, thanks Mary. I do love the combo of serious and fun. :)

  5. Great message in a fun little piece

  6. @Kim - thanks! It was definitely fun to write. :)

  7. Rachel,

    A lovely and sensible message.
    I do try to do my little bit, to make the earth a tidier place!


  8. @Eileen - I'm glad you enjoyed the message! Keep up the good work. Every little bit counts. :)


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