Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magic Quill Pen

Image by Simon Howden via freedigitalphoto.net

My taxes are a-calling me
but poetry's a-stalling me.

I'll gruntingly swallow the bill
but, Uncle Sam, you make me ill.

You take so very much from me
though I've not won the lottery.

I am hoping my magic quill
finds you already got your fill.

Oh no!  My quill pen has flown off!!
Uncle Sam, is that how you scoff?!

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

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My NaPoWriMo poem #14

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  1. Glad I got my taxes done last month.

  2. ah what would we do without taxes? Have more money maybe.


  3. cool and something we all face ! well done and thank you

  4. @Matty - I used to always do my taxes the second I had all my W-2s. Somehow the need to account for my candle business on Schedule C makes me procrastinate for three months. :)

    @Alejandro - Taxes... damed with 'em. Damned without 'em.

    @Kez - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought many people would relate to the sentiment. :)

  5. HA! Awesome timing for this one. I'm getting mine done today. :(

  6. smiles. mine are done and back...it sucks though..esp when you look at what they spend it on...

  7. This is all so taxing! Most particular to what Brian Miller said. Our representatives pledge to represent our needs during their campaigns before we vote and elect them. Once they're in it's like they have their own little cotterie and agenda. There should be a software for 'uninstall your representative'.

    Oh by the way cute 'diddy', Rachel
    (Ooops, hope that didn't sound to sexual)

  8. Rachel,
    Life with out Uncle Sam would be a dream... Love this poem you are doing so well pumping them out.

  9. these damn taxes get everybody down...

  10. I agree...have had enough of taxes...fitting write...bkm

  11. Boys and girls, can you spell...


    We always get an extention.

    Ahhh, August 15th, still 4 more months to go! :)

    Good luck on getting yours done. You WILL.

  12. A clever, lighthearted look at the bane of all us...ugh! Very good. Vb

  13. Excellent one shot! I love your lighthearted approach. It can be oh so painful how Uncle Sam takes a cut, but I remind myself that soem European countries pay half of their income to reap some kick-ass benefits like universal health care, child care, maternity/paternity leave, etc. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get it together to provide those for all of us here?

  14. Dang Rachel! I'm glad I stopped by...gotta call my CPA. Totally forgot to go by there and pick them up. Not even sure he has them done yet. Hate tax day!

  15. @Tricia - I hope your taxes went well! I'm going to finish mine up tonight. Meditation first, per your instructions. :)

    @Brian - Lucky you! Yes, I think we all have something we think the government spends too much money on... or many somethings. :)

    @nene - I was unaware that "diddy" sounded sexual.... oh wait. Now I hear it. LOL

    @Jessica - Thanks! I do feel like I'm pumping them out and hope they aren't lesser quality because of it. :)

    @Sonny & @signed bkm - Yep, tax time is sad time. Booooo.

    @Jannie - I can spell extension, but am not a fan. At least if you do them in April you have comiserators. Only once does the extension feel like a break... after that it's still once a year. Blah.

    @versebender - Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

    @Belinda - I would be happy to give more to taxes if it came with AWESOME benefits. My least favorite part of US taxes is worrying that although I already withheld at single/0 they will still want more money come April 15th. Just take the correct amount the first time! Grrr. :)

    @Mary - LOL. Glad I could remind you to visit your tax guy! I hope it was good news. :)

  16. Heheheh. I really like this one. It gave me a chuckle.


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