Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Streaming Mediocre Content

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Please Misters Universal, Warner Bro's and Twentieth Century Fox,
don't make me pay $30 per month for mediocre content to my box.
I can't afford to pay more, but with the minimum I'd be bored!
Please sirs.  Rad rhyming requests shan't be ignored.

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My NaPoWriMo Poem #7
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  1. I know how you can see a new show every day - it's called going outside. (LOL!)

  2. Lol @ Eric! I agree, though, Rachel, better movies on cable!! :p

  3. @Eric - WHAT?!?! Go outside???!!! EVERY day??? :) :) :)

    @Sweepy Jean - Yep. I actually don't have any TV channels whatsoever at my house. Just Netflix by mail... but I thoroughly enjoy the streaming TV and movies I watch at my boyfriend's house.

    @Alejandro - If you read the above, you will see, there is no need for me to call the cable guy. I stopped paying him years ago! Yep, I'm cheap like that. :)

  4. Rachel, it has gotten so bad it seems like you pay for not much more than re-runs:( I spend too much time on the computer these days to worry about it though:)

  5. Don't pay - go play - it's much more fun :D

  6. Don't worry ladies! I spend most of my time writing or playing. :)


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