Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Alpaca Attraction

taught me less of you than it did about me.
I had asked for bloggers to write up a post
about the animal that they resemble most.
I'm still new to the writing prompt niche
and my topics are obscure as microfiche.
I'm thankful 8 blogging friends showed support.
The following is my study response retort.

Four cats and a tiger are 1/4+ my blog friends.
They're feline affection and modern attitude blends.
As in my home life, one blog friend is a turtle.
(I wish she had a rhyming name such as Myrtle.)
My blog friend Mr. Cheese thinks he is a snake.
Does he think he'll someday be killed by a rake?
Atypical Scott says he dreams of life as a sloth,
which is a hundred times better than life as a moth.

This sampling's too narrow to represent a people,
but what it says of me might also make you gleeful.
Though I attract mostly kitties - black, brown and yellow -
also flocking to me are stranger creatures, also mellow.
Perhaps I really am like that goofy cute Alpaca:
chill, cute and comical 'cuz I sometimes spit at ya.
You can't help but laugh.  You can't help but smile.
You can't wait to come back and hang out a while.

Hehe.  Now that I'm done brainwashing you.
I'll say a quick thank you and then be through.
Thanks for the fun thoughts your posts put in my head.
Thanks trifold if this far in the rhyme you have read.
All participants in the study win the Million Bucks Award.
Your creative contrubutions are much appreciated.
(And, no, my joy about it's not being inflated.)
Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

My NaPoWriMo poem #11


  1. I had a weird moment where I read "participants" as par-tissy pants. I was like, "What kind of pants?" Frankly, I blame the noodley font :)

  2. I love your rhymes, they are so delightful. And if I were a better rhymer, I'd rhyme this! Be that as it may, you're welcome trifold and thanks for the tribute and Million Bucks Award (in lieu of actual money). :p

  3. I must have missed your request, or just wasn't around at that time.

    No matter how long the poem, or the topic matter, you just keep it going. Love your rhyming.

  4. Loved your rhyme. Sorry my name didn't rhyme with turtle and I'm not very fertile nor am I good at the hurtle but I do have a crepe myrtle!

  5. @Jeremy - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my writing as I enjoy your cartoons. :(

    @Bryan - Partissypants... yep, that was my subconscious spelling. :)

    @SweepyJean - I just realized I didn't put the award photo in. Oops! It's here now and you're welcome. Thanks for joining in!

    @Matty - You weren't yet around. I have a new prompt up already. You can link in any poem to my current study... link is at the top right of the page.

    @Lolamouse - I actually love your name just as it is, but had to write the rhyme that way for fun. :) Thanks for participating!

  6. What a great way to end a day!

    I enjoy reading your rhymes and participating in your studies. You have brought out my rhyming that makes me glad we are blog buddies.

    Thank you for the award, but brainwashing it was not,
    cause it made me realize I like rhyming... a whole lot.

    Glad I could assist in putting fun thoughts in your head
    now if you'll excuse me
    Im going to bed. :D

  7. @Alejandro - I knew you were a monkey. I like monkeys... except when they throw poo at others. :)

    @Wanda - I'm smiling ear to ear from your rhyming reply. Knowing I've brought out your rhymingness makes me feel I can fly. :)


Rhyming or not, I would like a lot to hear the thoughts my words brought...