Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royalty Obsessed

I've never been personally obsessed with royalty
but the news of William and Kate is all around me.
I'm (again) wondering what the heck is so fascinating?
Why exactly makes their life story so scintillating?

Is it merely that ladies all dream of having Cinderella's life?
Would the majority trade it all to become a Prince's wife?
Perhaps many merely desire friendship with the couple.
I wish all our socializing party skills were that supple!

I can see the locals being proud of their dynasty,
but I live in the land that rejected the monarchy.
We've got the Kennedys, Fords and the stars of Hollywood.
Perhaps we'd vote them kings and queens if we could.

Or is it the allure of all the glitz, glamor and bling?
Personally, I'd be nervous to wear Princess Di's ring.
Don't you think that beautiful thing might be cursed?
Oh well. I'm sure on it's history Kate is well versed.

Perhaps this romance-mystery-thriller trifecta possibility
is what makes the royal life drama more exciting to see.
Whatever it is, I admit I'll probably take a peek...
hoping to see some royalty obsessed freak.

Honestly, though, I wish the bride and groom a happy day
and I hope no psychotic people get in the way. 
Please don't hate me for wanting to study this obsession.
Perhaps, on me, you did make an impression.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

For additional fun, take this quiz.
Perhaps we'll learn what the obsession is.

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  1. You make long rhymes look so easy.

    I am so tired of hearing about this wedding. Can you imagine how many needy people in the world could be helped with all the effort, time and money that goes into covering it?

    Makes me angry.

  2. By the time the media gets done with it, the who thing will resemble nothing more than a Hollywood Circus!

  3. As someone stuck in the centre of the royal wedding mania I really enjoyed this piece of whimsy. Brilliantly written.

  4. Rachel,
    I enjoyed this Royal 'ode' so very much.
    I'm not feeling greatly motivated, since so many around me are feeling less than ehthusiastic, with financial and employment concerns.
    A case of 'let it be' I think!!!

    Wonderfully composed Rachel!
    Best Wishes, Eileen

  5. I thought the same about Prince Charles and Lady Di's wedding.

    I also feel the same way about the Kennedys, Fords and Hollywood stars.

    Celebrities are just people, and none of them really deserve to be adored.

    (Except Selma Hayek... woo-hoo!)

  6. A wonderful and cheerfully easy to read piece that puts things into perspective .. nicely done Rachel .. naturally, people are always welcome to read my version (not as much humour but intended to be taken with tongue firmly in cheek - uh, I think) .. I think you have the link on your page .. and we can always raise a glass of bubbly to them while we try to have a real life in spite of the fairytale being sold on tv .. {;o)

  7. I have to agree with Matty - what a friggin' waste of money this circus show is. I'll be glad when it's not the top story in the news. :)

  8. I'm still trying to figure out why the media is obsessed with Lindsey Lohan. Now they've moved on to the wedding business.

    "This just in. Breaking news. They just added an extra stitch to the hem of the dress."

  9. @Matty - And here I thought I was just a rambling rhymer... :) I agree about the money. So many better things it could be used for. I'm sure plenty of the obsessed would "agree", but they're creating the need for the money to get spent here... on security. Millions. Yuck.

    @Wanda - It is totally a Hollywood Circus! I fear it will continue...

    @James - Hooray! I'm so glad someone in the thick of it liked my take on the madness. :)

    @Eileen - I agree. I have plenty of friends struggling with cut hours and/or unemployment. We have to live with it though. Blah.

    @Eric - I cared even less about Prince Charles and Lady Di's wedding. Don't even recall the hubbub. LOL. P.S. My brother would agree with you about Selma. :)

    @KW - My girlfriends want me to watch the wedding with them after work tomorrow. We'll see... but I'll toast you either way! :)

    @Tricia - Yeah... have you heard how much the security costs? Just that makes me ill.

    @Brian - I think I heard that tidbit of breaking news on my way to work..... wait, no... that time they were informing us they were adding three stitches. :)

  10. Honestly..I never really care for any celebrity type wedding. It should be a private affair for the loved ones, not a circus. This is a circus. Submitted the poll questions too.

  11. I still find it kinda creepy how Kate virtually stalked William, even changing her uni course to be on the same one as him. Eck!
    Bookmakers give them 7 years before the divorce....

  12. Great poem. I admittedly know very little about the wedding. Love the line "I can see the locals being proud of their dynasty, / but I live in the land that rejected the monarchy." *grins*

  13. ha this was a blast...i cant stand it..i am so ready for it to be over so i dont have to hear about it again...

  14. William is the Future King of England of course it's going to make news. It's just that if people didn't buy the rubbish they printed or tuned in to watch in the first place there would be no need to know that her dress had to be taken up again. That stuff I'm not interested in but I will watch the wedding because its a major event in history for my country.

    If you go back to Royal weddings even before we had 'media' hype - they were hugely celebrated - I mean King Henry VIII did it 6 times and each one was lavishly and widely celebrated. The only difference is that celebrities who think they are royalty didn't exist then :)

    That said I really enjoyed the rhyme it was the comments that got me oxox

  15. You know i love your rhymes, i love your blog. Having served for my Queen and Country, I'm proud of our Royal Family, their traditions, the history that goes with it. Our future King is marrying, and i pray will be happily married for ever. Our country/the world can share in this moment of history, and enjoy the splendour, pageant and history in the making. There ends my longest comment ever. Breaking the salute now

  16. It doesn't get better than this: sociology and poetry! Love your observations! Keep them coming!

  17. Being in the US I have to say I could careless.. Though I admit to being fascinated by Diana...but if I were in the UK I would assume I would be taken y the weddings..since it is history.....As always..XOXOXO

  18. I'm not obsessed with it and just overheard it's going to be tomorrow.... Well maybe I can have a peek alright cause it's the most awaited wedding.... lol
    Well done with your poem again...:)

  19. Who's getting married? And where's my invitation?

    Lovely poem story thing Rachel


  20. @BornStoryteller - I'm with you... celebrity weddings happen in my area plenty. I feel no need to lookie-loo. With royalty, of course it will be a big deal, but the current circus is ridiculous.

    @jessicasjapes - Eck indeed!! I did not know that. Or that. :)

    @dustus - Hehe. Glad you enjoyed that line. It is just crazy that the Americans are spreading more gossip than the British.

    @Brian - I'm glad you had "a blast". Sadly, I fear the Will and Kate mania will last.

    @SJ - Ha! Love the Henry VIII reference. Too true. :)

    @Larry - I believe they're getting married in a few hours? I'm cheersing them now. I do wish them a long and happy marriage... but it's going to be rough with the American crazies analyzing their every move. :)

    @pamanner - Thank you! I'm so glad you love the combo. I'll keep 'em coming... though probably at a slightly slower pace after this month. :)

    @Bongo - Hehe. How could you be fascinated by Diana and not care about the girl who inherited her ring? It's ok. You can admit it. :)

    @Jorie - I might have a peek too. The gals want me to come watch it with them after work. I mean... it is THE THING to do tomorrow, right? :)

    @alejandro - Yeah. My invitation got lost too. I can't believe it. :)

  21. I find the whole obsession bewildering too. Nice job.

  22. The whole thing is a little out of control. My girlfriends got me to watch (heckle) the wedding with them yesterday. I saw Kate say "oh wow". She's definitely overwhelmed by the crowds a bit.


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