Sunday, April 24, 2011

Is Rhyming Smiling Happiness Overrated?

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Some scientists are saying "hedonic well-being" (like that found here)
is much less important than the pursuing the life goals you hold dear.
In fact, they feel despite less day-to day pleasure, fulfilling goals can
improve the late in life health of the average stressed out family man.

I certainly believe long term goals are important - I have quite a few -
yet I believe the little silly moments are quite important for us all too.
I think the study was frowning more on dreams of riches and fame
but technically, my rhymes bring extrinsic pleasure just the same.

New shoes or jewelry might entice some women to smile longer.
Some would grin more for that millionaire's house down yonder.
Others want to attend the swanky parties with the stars.
Many spend too much money buying crazy fancy cars.
I think my rhymes represent the beneficial kind of extrinsic.
To have no fleeting silly moments at all just seems sadistic.
Who doesn't need a happy boost to defeat day to day strife?
I do.  Rhyming smiling happiness propels me through my life.

© Rachel Hoyt 2011.  All rights reserved.

This rhyme was written in response to a verse challenge from Rhymes for Our Times.

Sharing this in the Poetry Potluck also makes me happy.
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  1. Well said.. Walking a determined head down walk to get to your goal is a dangerous thing to do. Silly moments are what makes life worth living. The goals we achieve are pointless if we don't know how to smile when we get there.

  2. What a great post, I totally agree with your way of thinking!

    Thank you for helping me discover how to propel my own rhyming smiling happiness into my life. :)

  3. Your rhymes DO bring pleasure! :) I like the fact that this was a poem, but it seemed to read more like the article you mentioned in the beginning. Very clever!

  4. I have to agree with you, Rachel. I think life is about balance. Life would be very boring without the smiles, laughter, and rhymes! <3

  5. here here ..i believe everything you wrote ...chose to come and read your submission as you always make me smile ...thank you

  6. true true rachel~ my potluck..

  7. brilliant! rhyming, smiling, happiness -- love it!

  8. Beautiful rhyming and the happiness shines through.

  9. YAH for rhymes and happiness!

  10. Balance through silly moments - one wonders how many days get ruined by the lack of a smile. We could all do with breaks of joys, large or little, on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Rachel I have to say I had to keep asking myself whether I was reading a poem or a column! You satisfied both categories in a few verses!

    And I love the silly moments. For this very reason I make sure that nothing silly escapes my notice! Even if many choose to ignore them!

  12. @Jan - Amen sister. You know what I'm talking about. :)

    @Wanda - I knew you would agree! Let's keep rhyming and smiling. :)

    @Dragon Katet - Thanks so much! I was really glad someone tweeted me the prompt. :)

    @sweepyjean - I love that you're taking time out of your NaPoWriMo madness to come read my stuff. :)

    @kez - That is so cool that you look for me in the forums. :) I'm blushing. :)

    @fiveloaf - Thanks for visiting!

    @bendedspoon - Thank you, thank you! Always nice to see you. :)

    @Chim's World of Literature - Thank you! The rhymes do bring me happiness... I'm glad they do the same for you. :)

    @teric - Thanks for the cheer! Yeah!

    @PhotoDiction - So glad you understood and enjoyed the message. :)

    @Foxy - Thanks! I'm excited that it read like an article!! That was the plan. :)

  13. I think you just proved scientists wrong in their latest theory, which given how the educative process trends, means they will do a 180 in about two years, which means you'll would have been right all along! I don't see why the both can't be in congruence with that good feeling vibe...

  14. Nice research..and yes ,Rhyming smiling happiness propels me through my life too


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